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Gentle spring manicure: a step by step guide

Spring is a very peculiar and fabulous time for every woman. It is at this time of the year when you can get rid of boring trousers and to put on your favourite dress. Also during this wonderful season, we change hairstyles and manicures with inspiration. Today, GoBeauty Blog has prepared a step-by-step instruction on gentle spring manicure.

  1. Prepare your nails: give them shape, remove cuticle, buff it, apply dehydrator and ultra-bond.
  2. Apply the base, bake it in a lamp and get to work with nails, which will have one colour coating (on the middle, forefinger and thumb). Then apply white or milk gel polish to them, then apply a top coat (each layer is dried in a lamp).
  3. Apply pink (near the root) and white gel varnish (on the tip) to the nail of the little finger. Just before drying, make a gradient colour transition with a round brush. If necessary, apply another coat and blend. Bake each layer in a UV lamp. Finally, apply a top coat and dry it in the lamp.
  4. Now its time for design. Using a white gel varnish (or gel paint), draw a rounded tulip bud with torn tip. The second bud is drawn in such a way that it is slightly hidden behind the first one. Then draw leaves.
  5. The next step is to colouring the flowers. To do this, spread pink, purple and green in 3 drops of the base coating (mix thoroughly so that shades are more easily extinguished). Tint the leaves somewhere with translucent green (bake in a lamp). Draw the right leaf and the bottom of the buds with pink colour (dry in a lamp). On top of the pink, we impose a little purple and shade to the middle (fix it in the lamp). Let’s finish the design by drawing the contours with purple gel varnish (not diluted). We will line leaves, petals, buds and the outline of the flower (dry it in a lamp). Align the design with the top and bake it in the lamp.
  6. If desired, a nail with a gradient colour transition can be sprinkled with sugar powder (before covering it with a top and without removing the sticky layer).

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You can watch a video instruction on how to do this gentle spring manicure below

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