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Get through the night: how to make your makeup resistant

It is unlikely that there will be a girl who would not want the makeup done in the morning to be resistant and last until the evening. It is not difficult to achieve this if you know some of the makeup secrets. Read about them in our new article.

Prepare your skin properly

First, to make the makeup last for a long time, you need to have a regular peeling procedure without forgetting your lips and eyebrow area. Even the best cosmetics will be blemished on peeling skin. Second, it is essential to moisturize the skin – use face masks that are right for your skin type, and do not forget about moisturizing and nourishing creams and oils. You need to develop a particular routine that will help keep your face in perfect condition.

Just before your makeup, follow these steps:

  • wipe your face with a tonic;
  • apply the day cream, give it 2-3 minutes to get soaked;
  • remove the excess amount of the product with a dry napkin so that the face does not shine.

Use the right makeup base

Using a primer or base will make the makeup super resistant. The correct foundation will smooth out the imperfection and allow the tonal base to lie flat and last much longer. For most girls, silicone-free primers are suitable. However, silicone-based foundations work very effectively on dry skin, smoothing out its relief and smoothing out fine lines.

Set the tone

For perfect long-lasting makeup, you need to use a firm foundation. It is better to apply the tonal base either with a beauty blender or with a tightly filled tone brush. It is necessary to distribute the product with a thin layer all over the face, and then to fix the result with loose powder. For oily skin optimally use tonal sticks: their structure is more dry and stable. It is worth noting that even the densest tone can swim in the heat or humidity. Therefore, in any case, you should have a mattifying powder in your cosmetic bag.

Use water-resistant cosmetics

Water-resistant cosmetics are useful not only for rainy and humid but also for hot weather. But when it comes to waterproof cosmetics, why in the first place is meant mascara. Meanwhile, not only this beauty product is waterproof. Water-resistant pencils for the eyes are quite rigid, they are challenging to apply, but if already applied, they hold well in any weather. Even on such a vulnerable surface as the inner edge of the lower eyelid. Lip pencils are also waterproof. It is advisable to colour over the entire surface of the lips and then apply a thin layer of lipstick or gloss over the top.

The less, the better

It may seem that the more cosmetics you apply, the denser it will hold and the longer it will be visible on the face. The more cosmetics you put on, the easier it will be to drop off and flow. It is especially true of the tonal base and concealers. If you apply too much foundation with your fingers, after using it, get a little wet sponge on the face with soaking motions. Such a procedure will allow the tone to lie flat and remove excess, leaving just that perfect layer that will not ruin the makeup but will still hide the disadvantages. If the idea to apply a tonal base in the heat seems completely wild, then try to mix it with your regular moisturizer or gel. Your resistant makeup will be lighter, but it will still hide the imperfections of your skin. Apply concealer after foundation.

These simple rules will help your makeup last all day, and possibly all night.

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