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Getting hair done: simple tips for home care

Everybody knows that braids are girl’s highlight. However, modern girls live in big cities with bad ecology and hot summer, eat poorly, give birth to children – and all of this, unfortunately, does not improve the condition of the hair. How to keep the curls healthy and shiny? GoBeauty Blog has a few good tips for you.

  1. Proper hair washing. It should be regular, but not daily. Trichologists advise washing head once every 2-3 days. It is also important to choose a shampoo that matches your hair type. If the curls after washing are thin and meshed or electrified when in contact with clothing, you did not choose the shampoo correctly. Hairstylists advise giving preference to professional shampoos. They cost almost the same price, but far outweighed in quality. After washing the hair, apply balm or conditioner, so that the curls are easier to comb. The balm is applied from the middle of the hair and to the tips.
  2. Sun protection. In the spring and summer, the sun is very active, and ultraviolet rays are particularly aggressive. Under its influence, the hair becomes dull, thin and weak. Remember it every time you go out on a sunny day. If you don’t like scarves, choose a hat or use an SPF-filter with a sunscreen spray.
  3. Home care with oils. Natural oils protect hair and restore its structure. The lining oil helps to deeply moisturize the dry hair, the almond – overcomes fragility and truncated tips, peach – feeds from the roots to the tips, the rapacious oil – reduces the loss and strengthens, sea buckthorn oil – accelerates growth. For sensitive skin, macadamia oil, which has a pronounced regenerative effect, is suitable.
  4. Hair masks. This is a versatile and easiest way to care about your hair at home. To strengthen the action of the mask we recommend to put on a polyethene cosmetic cap and warm the hair with a hairdryer for half an hour.
  5. Head massage. This is the cheapest way to make your hair thick and healthy by yourself. Simply massage your scalp for 20-30 minutes each day. It accelerates blood circulation, which makes hair grow faster. Using circular motions, massage your head from neck to line of hair growth, moving all over the head. And hairdressers advise refusing of high ponytails because it violates blood circulation in the scalp.

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