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Getting ready for a date: foxy eyes makeup – step-by-step guidance

Want to enchant him with one glance? A win-win way to attract attention is to do foxy eyes makeup. It will make the eyes seductive and the glimpse expressive. It has been tested by world celebrities and today we offer you its step-by-step guidance.

  1. Give the eyebrows a specific shape – remove excess hair at the edges to create the feeling that the face is directed upwards and not downwards (the shape should be almost smooth).
  2. Apply foundation on the face.
  3. Comb your eyebrows with a mascara brush and colour to make them look thicker. To prevent the beginning of the eyebrow from being too dark, make the first smear in the middle, and shade the remnants of the product near the nose.
  4. Apply concealer on the skin around the eyes and start sculpting the eyelids.
  5. Take a wide shading brush and draw a shadow parallel to the eyebrows to create a lifting effect. Similarly, draw a shadow from where the eyebrow begins to the inner corner of the eye.
  6. With a light colour of shadows, we draw the line from folds of an eyelid outside.
  7. Draw the eye along the line of eyelash growth and form an eye wing with dark eyeshadows slightly beyond the contour of the eye. Pull the tip of the wing up (it should be parallel to the eyebrows).
  8. Then, emphasize the inner corners of the eyes with a light shade.
  9. Use the thinnest brush to draw the wing in a darker colour and shade it lengthwise and upwards. 
  10. Colour the borders of the wing with a narrow brush and a light brown shade to shade it even more.
  11. Colour the lower eyelid with a bevelled brush and a light brown shade. The brush should be guided along with the eye, lifting the tip.
  12. Use the concealer to bring the eye wing so that the bottom corner is clear. 
  13. Apply mascara with stretching movements so that the glance is open but fox-like. Do not be afraid to stretch your lashes too much, because they will try to take the starting position. The lower lashes should be applied quite a bit.
  14. With a brown or grey-brown pencil draw the inner part of the lower eyelid (mucous) on the outside. 
  15. To make the glimpse even more fox-like, attach the false lashes on the outer third of the eye (where the eyelash growth ends).
  16. To make the face harmonize with the eyes, you need to do contouring. So, apply a dark pigment on the cheekbones, above the area where the natural shadow is formed and shade it. Then, apply a highlighter above the cheekbones and under the eyebrows.
  17. To increase the volume of the lips, apply a shadow in the middle of the lower lip with the same sculptor you used to shape the cheekbones. Draw a contour with a pencil and apply lipstick. It can even be a dark shade. 

The foxy eyes makeup is ready. You can watch a video tutorial below

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