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Getting ready for spring: the main products for clear skin, Photo 1585

11 February 2023


Getting ready for spring: the main products for clear skin

In many modern tendencies, one trend that appears on every fashion show cannot be missed. A radiant, even, perfect, healthy complexion. Yes, clean skin will always be the main trend of all time. It is an indicator of health and excellent “canvas” for makeup. How to achieve this? Creams here do not help. And cosmetic procedures will not have a lasting effect if you spoil your beauty with the wrong diet. We offer you the TOP products for healthy and clear skin.


Mineral deficiencies such as zinc and selenium often lead to acne. And nuts – especially pumpkin seeds and brazil nuts – help avoid such trouble. Selenium is responsible for the production of white blood cells in our body that fight infection, and vitamin E, copper, magnesium, manganese, potassium, calcium and iron are essential to maintain the protective functions of the skin.


Broccoli is a favourite product of those who monitor their health but is not less useful for the skin. The trace elements and vitamins contained in broccoli help maintain healthy skin colour and repair damaged tissues. To get the most out of this product, it’s best to eat it raw or steamed.

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Avocado oil is considered one of the most beneficial for humans. Half an avocado a day (for example, for breakfast) helps the skin stay moisturized and radiant. And because of its high vitamin C content, this green fruit prevents skin inflammation.


It contains beta-carotene, which is incredibly beneficial for our skin. Our body converts beta-carotene into vitamin A, which regulates cell production and metabolism (the process by which old cells are replaced by new ones). Therefore, when you add these foods to your diet, the skin surface becomes smoother. Beta-carotene and other carotenoids, such as lutein and lycopene, can also protect and repair cells from sun damage.


It is rich in zinc, which is actively involved in the cell renewal process. It reduces allergic reactions of the clear skin, improves blood circulation, prevents inflammation of the sebaceous glands, slows down the growth of malignant cells. Besides, zinc fights bacteria and viruses inside the body. Zinc deficiency leads to premature ageing.

Citrus fruits

It is a strong antioxidant for the skin, which neutralizes the inflammation in it. It evens the complexion, reduces skin pigmentation, stimulates collagen production (a building protein of connective tissue). Vitamin increases the skin’s natural resistance to the environment.

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Fish oil

For the skin, the benefits of fish oil are invaluable. This substance can nourish and moisturize dry skin. Fish oil has a positive effect on the skin, that tends towards redness and irritation. The substance relieves inflammation and itching, has a general soothing effect. Fat is effective in the fight against pigmentation, and it also allows a little lightening of the skin.

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Regular consumption of fish oil will prevent the appearance of primary age-related changes. Also, the product will be effective in combating existing wrinkles. Because fat increases the amount of vitamin A in the body, it is possible to activate the process of skin repair at the cellular level.