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Glossy eye makeup effect: how to reproduce the fashion trend?

For the first time, the world saw the effect of the glossy eye makeup on the models of the fashion house Gucci in Milan back in 2010. Then it seemed strange, a little crazy and surprising. And now girls from all over the world are trying to create such makeup. Therefore, today we have prepared step-by-step instructions for its implementation. Get inspired and repeat.

  1. Apply a day cream, makeup base and foundation. Apply concealer on the orbital area. Also, mask small skin imperfections, if any.
  2. Make eyebrows, as usual, using shadows or pencil. Put a glare with light shadows under the eyebrows and shade it.
  3. Paint the eyelashes area and shade with a brush.
  4. Outline the moving eyelid with a lip pencil of the desired colour and shade with a small three-dimensional brush.
  5. Apply a shadow in the colour of the shade that is already on the eyes and shade it.
  6. Duplicate the eyeliner with black kohl eyeliner and apply a pink pencil as a lining on the lower eyelid.
  7. Shade the transitions with a clean brush, add depth with a burgundy shade and connect with a movable eyelid.
  8. Apply shimmer on the movable eyelid (this can be done with your fingers), put a beige pencil on the inner corner and cover with a highlighter.
  9. Line a moving eyelid with a pencil and shade with a clean brush.
  10. Then, apply mascara and divide eyelashes with a brush.
  11. Apply artificial eyelashes on the movable eyelid and add half-shadows to the fold of the movable and lower eyelids. Apply mascara on the lower eyelids.
  12. Add a shiny eyeliner to the inner corner and apply “liquid glass” (this product is in the MAC range), shading it with a thin brush.

Glossy eye makeup is ready. You can watch a step-by-step video instruction below

IMPORTANTLY! This makeup is not stable. It will last only a few hours. However, for a photoshoot or party to surprise others – that’s what you need! But be ready for the fact that you will still have to correct defects regularly.

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