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Golden mood: step-by-step guidance for the autumn nail design, Photo 1401

13 November 2022


Golden mood: step-by-step guidance for the autumn nail design

In autumn, we not only change our wardrobe but also look for new nail designs. Favourite colours and patterns vary, new trends are born, old ones change. Bright neon shades of summer are replaced by restrained but saturated hues. Today we offer you step-by-step guidance for a stylish autumn nail design that will complement the look.

  1. Make a hygienic manicure. Remove the cuticle, give shape to the nails, cover them with primer and base (it should be fixed in a lamp).
  2. Apply a soft colour coating, such as milk or ivory, to your nails and bake in a lamp.
  3. Now, begin drawing an umbrella. First, make the contour orange, draw a different edge at the bottom. Add a yellow tint to the middle of umbrella and distribute it a little. Put a drop of red on top and shade it with orange. We get a bright dome with a soft transition of shades. Fix the picture in the lamp.
  4. After drying, draw the inside of the umbrella. To do this, make a different edge in bright red and send the picture to the lamp.
  5. The next step is to draw the umbrella handle. Deduce a contour, gradually adding thickness.
  6. Draw shadows with grey gel polish. First, darken the inside of the umbrella. To do this, take a grey gel polish. Mix it with the base so that the colour is translucent and apply it to the bottom edge of the picture. Shade with a thin brush. At the same stage, we can add puddles. Place a few strips at the bottom, and then stretch with an almost dry brush. They should look like shadows. If desired, you can add a few bright touches. Then, fix the picture in the lamp.
  7. The next stage is to draw the contours. Bring the edges of the umbrella with black gel varnish. Put dots on the tips of the spokes and draw the lower edge.
  8. Add glare to the handle with white gel polish. If desired, such reflections can be added to the dome of the umbrella.
  9. The bright design is ready. Don’t forget to dry it.
  10. Cover the picture with a top. It is better to choose a matte finish. Fix the design in the lamp.
  11. After drying, make the final touch and add raindrops. Volumetric drops are very easy to make with a transparent gel. Put a few drops with a thin brush. To make the design three-dimensional, make drops of different sizes – smaller at the top and larger at the bottom. After that, fix the picture in the lamp.

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Autumn nail design is ready. You can watch the video tutorial below