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Goodbye, fat: myths about liposuction

To fall asleep overweight and to wake up slim – who of us does not dream of such a transformation? However, it is impossible to immediately lose weight in natural ways, only the liposuction can help to get rid of fat. There are many myths and legends about this procedure. GoBeauty Blog will answer the most popular of them.

Liposuction helps to overcome obesity

  • This method is maintained only to get rid of local fatty deposits, so-called “fatty traps.” For women that are hips, buttocks, knees, stomach, sometimes arms. As for the size, the smaller it will be, the better for the body. If the doctor proposes to handle liposuction in stages, agree and go away from the “specialists”, which guarantee “instant slenderness”. Depleting a large amount of fat (more than five litres) provokes excessive loss of blood, so it is not only traumatic but also dangerous.

The result depends on how the procedure was performed

  • There are three types of liposuction: classical, laser, and ultrasound (UAL). Classic is made by a cannula under general or local anaesthesia. Fat cells break down mechanically and pump out by vacuum. Laser liposuction is more modern and gentle. Fatty tissue is injected in an appropriate solution that heats cells and destroys them, while the dermal fibres are reduced when heated and tightened. UAL liposuction involves the destruction of fat cells with the usage of an ultrasound wave, and the fat is absorbed by vacuum. Even though there are several types of liposuction, the result (the amount of lost fat) is the same.

After the procedure, you can go home immediately

  • The long term of rehabilitation becomes a surprise for many patients. Some women plan to “fix” the figure before the vacation but do not take into account that the recovery period after liposuction lasts an average of a month. Moreover, the larger the volume of the operation, the longer the rehabilitation period. Therefore, it is necessary to start preparing ourselves for the summer already in the spring.

Liposuction can be done to everyone

  • Each of the methods of liposuction is a surgical intervention that has several limitations. They are arterial hypertension, atherosclerosis, coagulopathy, impaired liver and kidney function. Also, the procedure should not be done for patients with loose, inelastic and excessively stretched skin, as it will further aggravate the skin condition.

After liposuction, you won’t become overweight again

  • During the operation, fat cells collapse, so an increase in the volume of operated areas in the future is impossible. But it will only be if your weight is stable. If you get a lot of extra pounds, the change of the body volume will occur due to the remaining fatty layer. And fat may appear there, where liposuction has not been carried out. So, the method works only with a healthy lifestyle, which involves observing proper nutrition and regular exercise.

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