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Hair like Rapunzel: how to apply oil to hair

We all know about the benefits of oils for the hair. Coconut oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, burdock, and even olive oils are excellent for hair. But how do apply oil to hair to get the maximum benefit from the product? It would seem that everything is very simple. But, oils come in many forms. This is the main difficulty.

How to apply cosmetic oils to hair

Cosmetic oils are applied to clean, wet or dry hair before styling. It should not be applied in large quantities. Enough is pea-sized. Rub a small amount of oil in your palms and apply it to the hair tips, spreading further through the hair. Do not apply such oils to the roots.

It acts as thermal protection, creating a barrier film on the hairs that prevent natural moisture from drying.

How to apply natural oils to hair

The scalp and hair are different for everyone, for some they are dry, for someone more oily. So it’s worth not only choosing the right type of hair oil but also the method of application. If you have oily hair, do not apply coconut, olive and almond oils to the hair roots. In such cases, jojoba oil, as well as castor and burdock are more suitable.

Apply natural oils to dry or wet hair before washing.

One way to use hair oil is a moisturizing treatment. To do this, you must first apply oil to the entire length of the hair, stab it into a hair bun and allow steam of hot water in the shower to open the cuticle and penetrate the hair. Then, as usual, use shampoo and conditioner.

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