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Hair mask, balm and conditioner: how to apply correctly, Photo 115

20 January 2021


Hair mask, balm and conditioner: how to apply correctly

Today, there are a huge number of hair care products: oils, balms, masks, conditioners and sprays. But few people know well what their difference is and how to apply this or that beauty product correctly. We’ll talk about this today.

Hair balm or mask?

Both products have moisturizing, nourishing and regenerative features. The composition may be similar, but the concentration of useful components is different. In addition, there is a significant difference in the purpose of these products: hair balms are used to give volume, shine, smoothness, and masks are used to nourish and restore hair.

The difference is also due to the depth of penetration of the product: the mask can penetrate into the deeper layers of the hair and have a powerful regenerative effect. But it should be used less often, usually once or twice a week. The balm can be used more often. For example, three to four times during the week.

Hair balm or conditioner?

Hair balm has a greater nutritional and moisturizing ability than conditioner. The main task of the conditioner is to smooth the upper layer of hair, giving it softness, shine, and also untangling the tips.

The hair conditioner can be used on a daily basis and it does not require a long exposure time on the hair - usually no more than three minutes. Hair conditioners have the advantage of speed and ease of use.

Balm also contains an increased dose of useful elements and therefore provides a more comprehensive effect on the hair.

So what to choose?

So, all three hair care products are different in:

  • composition;
  • its purpose;
  • exposure time;
  • frequency of use.

The hair mask can cope with any task, including the task of a hair balm, but the main one is regenerative and nourishing. That is why it is not worth using it more than once every third hair wash.

Hair nutrition and restoration are in the first place if we talk about the balm. But the force of influence is less than that of the mask.

Hair conditioner is characterized by the most superficial effect. The time spent on the head is the longest at the mask, then at the balm. Even less time is given to the hair conditioner.