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Healthy breakfast mistakes: why you can’t lose weight

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But are you doing everything right? GoBeauty Blog has highlighted the most common mistakes made during breakfast.

Eat something new every day

According to a recent British study, people with the highest daily calorie changes during a morning meal were 90% more likely to be overweight.

Not enough food

According to a study in Israel in 2013, patients with diabetes who ate a large nutritious breakfast for three months showed a three-fold decrease in blood sugar and blood pressure compared with people who ate less.

Have late breakfast

If you do not eat anything within an hour and a half after waking up, your metabolism slows down. And if you wake up not hungry and cannot eat a bite, try to refuse food in the evenings.

Start your day with coffee

Coffee may be too acidic for the body, and combining it with a morning meal can lead to overeating throughout the day. It can send a signal that we are “full” and we do not need to eat another couple of hours. This can distort hunger, energy and concentration later in the day.

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