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Healthy snacks up to 200 calories

It is recommended to have light snacks between main meals. It will support efficiency and metabolism, satisfy hunger, saturate you with energy for a long time. Such a diet is considered the healthiest and most correct approach to nutrition for those who want to lose weight. We offer you 5 nutritious and healthy snacks per 200 kcal. This will be enough to replenish strength and temporary satiety.

Cheese with fruit or berries

Of course, in the first place in the list of healthy snacks is cheese. If you can’t just eat cheese, add an apple or other not-so-sweet fruit or berry. If you spend a little time, the apple and cheese can be baked in the oven (or microwave). And you will get not only a snack but also dessert. The caloric content of the snack will be approximately 160-170 kcal.

Avocado and cucumber rolls

These simple vegetarian rolls are a great way to eat your daily vegetables most unusually. Delicious and nutritious, such rolls can even replace lunch or dinner (it all depends on the portion size).


Oatmeal cooked with milk satisfies hunger for a long time, but it is low in calories. You can add a little sugar or honey to taste, as well as quite a bit of fruit. One serving contains about 200 calories.


For 200 calories you can eat three eggs. It is a sufficient portion not only for a snack but even for a full meal. It is significant that the eggs are boiled, as fried eggs are much more caloric and much less useful, and raw is dangerous because of salmonellosis. The snack can be supplemented with fresh vegetables, lettuce or microgreens. Also, within 200 calories, you can make an omelette of cheese and one egg. You can cook it without adding oil to the microwave.

Protein cocktail

If you work out, then after exercise you need to eat something. The snack should be high in protein to close the metabolic window. It is not always convenient to carry leanly baked and boiled meat in containers. Protein cocktail will come to the rescue. Besides, it helps to repel cravings for sweets, because manufacturers make the protein as pleasant as possible to taste.

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