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Heat protection: summer must-have hair product

Hairdryer, hair straightener and curling iron is a set of a stylish lady. All these help our curls look beautiful. However, they also cause the most damage. That is why it is so important to apply heat protection to hair. Our new article will explain how heat protection products save the hair and why it is especially vital to apply it in the summer.

Why do you need heat protection?

These are must-have products for those who love to experiment with styling and everyone who uses a hairdryer. In summer, the situation is further complicated by the weather and scorching sun on the street. Staying outdoors for more than an hour can dry hair so much that it loses its strength and shine. That is why it is necessary to apply protectors every time after shampooing.

What are these products?

Heat protection for hair is not a product for styling. It does not fix the curls, but prevent damage to the hair from high temperatures exposure. Such products may include oils, silicone, keratin, vitamins, active substances such as hydrolyzed wheat protein, moisturizing components.

How to use a hair heat protection

It is essential to apply the product before you start drying your hair with a hairdryer and not before styling with tongs or iron. In this way, the moisture remains inside the hair and will prevent overdrying, brittleness and fragility.

The best hair heat protection tools

Moroccanoil Treatment

It protects hair from ultraviolet rays and harmful environmental effects. The tool instantly penetrates the hair structure, giving it a natural silkiness and bright shine.

Vitalite Express Cheveux spray, La Biosthetique

This waterproof 2-phase instant remedy is perfect for the beach. The hair acquires excellent shine, softness and elasticity, and its colour remains bright and saturated for a long time. Apply the spray on dry or wet curls before each exposure to the sun and enjoy summer carefree.

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