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Hold out the night: why do we look bad in the morning?

Every woman wants to look attractive in any situation. And this is understandable because beauty is our main weapon. But why exactly after a full 8-hour sleep we look rumpled and tired? Let’s figure it out together.

Secrets of biorhythms

  1. Self-criticism. Often it is the main cause of dissatisfaction with the appearance in the morning. Pillow skin folds, pallor, slight swelling and dark circles under the eyes are a normal condition of a healthy person. As a rule, these “minor troubles” disappear within half an hour after awakening. Therefore, before running to the mirror, wash, drink water and cheer up.
  2. Improper sleep. Each person is individual, someone sleeps 4 hours a day and feels fine, and someone gets up broken after sleeping for 12 hours. However, for women, in order to maintain health and youth as long as possible, it is important to sleep daily in a cool room for at least 8-9 hours. This time is enough for the female body to recover and the hormonal background remains normal. Doctors recommend going to bed until 11 pm because until 2 am sleep is the most productive.
  3. Swelling and bags under the eyes. Many women, waking up in the morning, simply cannot open their eyes because of the swollen eyelids. First of all, it is important to consult a doctor about the kidneys work. If they work “properly”, the cause of morning oedema may be an excessive fluid intake in the evenings or weak vascular tone. Therefore, it is important to drink 1.5-2 litres of water during the day and not in the evening. It is also desirable to increase the tone of blood vessels by playing sports and stop eating fried food.
  4. Bruises under the eyes. The cause of this deficiency can be a bad venous outflow. To improve the circulation of lymph and blood, it is important to exercise regularly and eat properly. A contrast shower helps to raise the tone of blood vessels and wake up every cell in the body. For some women bruising under the eyes is an anatomical feature. The bones of the skull are located that the shadow falls into the area under the eyes. If dark circles spoil the mood for the whole day, change the direction of the light: instead of the upper one set the wall one so that it falls on the face.
  5. Wrinkles. At night, as in the daytime, the skin loses moisture. Therefore, many cosmetologists recommend using day and night cream from one series for skin care according to the type of skin. Such products usually complement each other and help to look fresher in the morning. It is also important to choose the right pillow for sleep (low with synthetic filler) and sleep on your side or back, not on your stomach. It is strongly not recommended to read or watch a video on a smartphone while lying in bed; this impairs the quality of the neck skin and contributes to the development of a double chin.
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