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How to deal with hair staticity in the winter

As much as you struggle styling hair in the winter, the result is one – there is hair staticity and it instantly becomes disobedient. GoBeauty Blog tells how to deal with the problem and curb even the most naughty curls.

Why hair is static

Hair has good electrical conductivity, so static electricity is generated instantly as if friction. When strands “touch” hats, outerwear (coats, down jackets), sweaters, they rub against each other and accumulate electricity. That is, in addition to the natural property of electrical conductivity in the winter, our hair receives increased stress.

If there is hair staticity in the winter, we recommend that you review a few details that are responsible for its health. After all, dry, brittle curls, which lack moisture, are especially strongly prone to this. 

What to do to prevent hair from getting static

Use a balm and mask all year long. Most girls miss this stage of care in the winter, and we even guess why. When you wear a hat, the hairstyle loses volume, and if you still regularly and conscientiously stuff your hair with nutrients, the hair will lose it even faster.

What to do? First, apply the product only along the length, do not touch the roots, and secondly, properly wash it – not smear on the scalp. Your task is to apply the product wisely, and to wash it off, bypassing the root zone. If the hair is thin, panthenol (provitamin B5) should be included in the mask and argan oil should be in the composition of the product for normal and thick hair.

  1. Wear braid more often if length allows. This will reduce the static.
  2. Buy a liquid conditioner or a special antistatic product (professional brands have long been releasing similar treatments). The first product smoothes the curls and simultaneously protects them from the aggressive effects of the environment, the second miraculously controls the amount of moisture in the hair and prevents it from evaporating.
  3. Try to dry your hair with a hairdryer less often, touch your hair and get rid of the habit of combing your hair for a long time. Any contact contributes to the accumulation of static. This is an expert tip – wash your head in the evening to let your hair dry on its own.
  4. Hide a thick woollen hat away from you. It also accumulates electricity through the fur. Linen and cotton have no such properties, but only if there are no synthetic additives in the fabric.
  5. Use any styling, but not hairspray. Even the most environmentally friendly beauty products dry hair. Yes, in the first minutes after use, it may seem that it has saved you, curb your curls. But in fact, it just glued hair together. We already know: the drier the hair, the more disobedient it is.
  6. Do not go outdoors in the winter unless you wash your head less than half an hour ago. After you wash your hair and dry it, the structure will still contain moisture for 20-30 minutes. Therefore, you should not go out into the cold at this time. Due to the temperature difference, the water will crystallize, its molecules will expand, and then they will damage the hair structure.

Urgent measures

What if you want to turn hair staticity into smooth and supple right now?

  1. Wet your hands with water and smooth your hair with the palms down from the top. Just do not beat at the root. No matter how you want to add volume, you will only do worse.
  2. Water, of course, is kind of weak antistatic. Its actions will be enough for 10-15 minutes, and if you touch the curls with your hands, then even less. For a lasting effect, take a small drop of any cream and distribute the product over your hair. Measure, as you know, emergency – in the evening the head will need to be washed.
  3. If there is thermal water at hand, generously spray it and enter the cloud to allow the droplets to settle evenly on the hair.
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