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How to do the splits – the rules of effective stretching, Photo 482

07 July 2022


How to do the splits – the rules of effective stretching

We usually do sports for two reasons: we want to lose weight or gain more muscle. But regardless of the goal, any workout involves stretching. Correctly done, it speeds up the workout effect and maintains muscle tone. We have prepared for you a set of exercises that will help you to do the splits.

Before you start

In case to avoid wasting your efforts, it is essential to warm up your muscles and joints before you start. Jump or do squats for 1 minute. To stretch your muscles quickly and painlessly, perform the complex of exercises slowly. Try to hold on for 30-40 seconds in each pose.

Don’t avoid cardio training too: the body should warm up. Then you can follow the workout complex for different muscle groups. It is necessary to do warm-up also on the joints, back and the front surface of the legs, feet, shoulders, back. Another 15 minutes should be spent on “pumping” – to work the press and buttocks – this is also one of the warm-up parts. And only after you can go directly to the stretch for the splits.

No tension is required during stretching. On the contrary, the exercises should be performed in a slightly relaxed state. With each exhalation, you should more and more pull your foot forward, leaning slightly to each foot. And don’t overdo it! If you are beginning to experience acute, sharp or stabbing pain, discomfort, you should interrupt, rest, and then continue.

Exercises that can be performed even at home

  1. Feet separated, parallel. Bend your arms at your elbows and reach for the floor. The tilt should be smooth. In this and the following exercises, lock your legs in a state of highest tension (the pain should not be sharp, feel the pressure of the joints) and endure for 10 seconds.
  2. Sitting on the floor (back straight, legs straight), raise your leg to the body. Carefully pull your leg with the arm or elastic band. Do not bend your knees (though you will want to) – this is fraught with injury. Repeat the same with the other leg.
  3. Tilts forward. Legs together, knees straight – do not swing, but gently pull. Then spread your legs and try to put your chest on the floor.
  4. Make a lunge on one leg (the line from the foot to the knee should be strictly perpendicular to the floor), raise your hands. Lower your hips as close as possible to the floor, stay in this position for 40 seconds. Then lower your elbows and pull your hips down for another 40 seconds. Lift the body, grasp the foot from behind and pull it to the buttocks – also for 40 seconds. Repeat the exercises with the other leg.
  5. When kneeling, spread your knees so that your lower legs and thighs are at right angles to each other, and place the body and forearms on the floor. Secure the pelvis as low as possible to the floor for 30 seconds, then carefully swing it back and forth.

You can then move to the splits by straightening both feet and holding the body with your hands. Try to sit lower and lower every day.