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How to dye your hair at home

Every girl at least once tried to dye her hair at home. However, when dyeing hair at home, the result is often disappointing. What to consider when choosing a paint, how to achieve a smooth shade at home and not spoil the hair?

Benefits of hair dyeing at home

It has several advantages: it is cheap and fun (most likely you will call a friend, sister or mother to help). And it’s very convenient as you do not need to look for time in your schedule to visit the salon. Having purchased everything you need for hair colouring, you can perform the procedure at home. But there are also “pitfalls” of home hair dyeing.

The most popular problems and their solutions

After the procedure, the head itches a lot

Before you start to dye hair, you need to test the paint for shade and see if you are allergic to the composition. To do this, apply a little dye on the curl around the neck.

The colour is uneven

You should follow the instructions below. Carefully comb the hair, then make two parts: the first one is from ear to ear, the second is from forehead to nape. So, you will divide the hair into four sections. Leave one part free, secure the others with a clamp. Next, put on gloves and mix the dye with the oxidizer. If it is the primary colouring, distribute the mixture evenly all over the roots and hair length. First, dye the main sections, then move to the occipital area, working curl by curl.

The shade does not match the pattern in the palette

A common mistake is that girls trust the image printed on the package. There is no guarantee that the shade will be the same as in the model. Usually, the colour is one or two tones lighter. It is because the oxidizer is more intense than that used in beauty salons.

The hair dries and breaks

Do not dye damaged hair. If you have bleached or coloured hair, you can start dyeing, if you are sure that it will not spoil its condition.

The paint washes off quickly

The colour fastness of the hair depends on the care products you use immediately after dyeing. Remember a few simple tips to consolidate the shade:

  • wash your head no more than once every three days;
  • dry your hair naturally or with a hairdryer turned on in cool air mode;
  • comb your hair only with a massage brush that has smooth teeth with rounded ends;
  • to restore hair after colouring, use masks once or twice a week, and each time after shampooing apply moisturizing conditioner.

Why it is vital to follow the instructions

Many beginners stumble upon this simple rule (and not only when performing beauty treatments). Mix the ingredients as guided. Remember that the chemical composition of paints of different brands varies, so do not follow the same pattern. If you overdo the composition on the hair, it damages its structure and dries the scalp.

If you miscalculate the amount of paint, the unused excess will have to be thrown away. It is impossible to use the diluted paint several times.

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