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How to easily style a bang: tips and ideas

The bang sets the tone, both on the catwalks and in life. There is no question about whether to cut it or not because bangs can be a good addition to a stylish look. How to style it read in our new article.

Styling tips

There are four basic rules to follow, no matter how you fix hair locks:

  • After washing the head, the bang should be styled first, because it dries quickly and not always neatly.
  • The bang should always be clean. It is desirable not to apply the conditioner before styling. If you do not want to wash your head every day, you can wash only the bang, and your hairstyle will look fresher.
  • If you use a hair dryer, hair straightener or curling iron, be sure to apply for thermal protection. It will protect the locks from heat. 
  • If you blow a bang with a hairdryer, do not apply heavy styling products such as mousses and gels. They will only make the hair look untidy. It is enough to apply hairspray at the end.

Ideas on how to style the bang

With brushing

The brush should have a large diameter so that the bang does not look like a pretzel. Take a brush, twist a bang on it and start the hair drying process. Twist it while drying the hair until the bang gets the desired shape. Blow it with cold air too – the hair should cool down while on the brush.


If you do not have a brush or other comb, you can style a bang with your hands. Comb wet hair and start drying in four directions: first on top, then on the bottom, and then on the right and left. Dry your hair, changing directions, until the bang is completely dry and acquire the desired shape.

In the form of curtains

This method differs in that the upper part of the hair is placed evenly, and the lower half is bent in the form of curtains. It will require medium-diameter brushing. First, blow the hair directly in the direction from top to bottom, disassembling the locks with your hands. When the hair is dry, part the bang into two sections and twist hair tips outward the face to brush.

You can combine 1 and 2 methods of styling, first drying the hair on all sides, and then twisting it to brush to get volume and bend.

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