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How to give thin hair more volume: lifehacks by GoBeauty, Photo 745

25 July 2022


How to give thin hair more volume: lifehacks by GoBeauty

If nature does not give you luxurious, dense hair, it’s tough to provide the curls with the required volume, and most importantly, keep it after leaving the house. However, for GoBeauty, nothing is impossible, so today we have prepared useful tips that will always help you to have a right hairstyle.

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1. Optimal length. Most stylists believe that the ideal length for thin hair – not lower than the clavicle. Short haircuts look more subtle. Moreover, they are easier to style. So, if you choose volume between length and volume – welcome to the hairdressing salon. Choose a multi-layer hairstyle with a torn outline. It is suitable for insertion and, importantly, ideal for any type of face and hair length.

2. Wash your hair correctly. There are a few important rules that you will use to make hair voluminous:

  • apply shampoo only to the roots, and distribute the formed foam along the whole length (always at the tips of the hair are dry and damaged, so do not rub it);
  • apply balm by retreating from the roots 2-3 cm. Otherwise, the hair will be burdened and flat;
  • regularly cleanse the scalp, it helps to improve blood circulation and get rid of keratinous cells;
  • do not wash your head every day, because when we wash it too often, we wash away the protective layer from the hair, making it weak and depriving the volume (it is better to use dry shampoo).

3. Proper drying. Most girls are convinced that for perfect drying, it is necessary to lower the head down and activate strong hot air flow. In fact, this is not true. This method opens the hair scales, through which the strands become fragile. Therefore, take a comb, turn on the hair dryer at full power, select the average temperature and begin to dry the hair from the roots, raising the strings upwards. This will help to reach the maximum volume at the roots and not to overcome the tips.

4. Smart hair colouring. Stylists advise women with thin hair to give up regular hair colouring, making a choice in favour of multi-layer. Create a volume to thin hair capable by using several colouring techniques:

  • balayage (meliorating with a soft transition from one colour to another, is performed by vertical vibrations, the volume is created by combining “natural” roots and contrasting tips);
  • shatush (a kind of a balayage, in which hair brightens up before painting, dying looks good on light and dark hair);
  • hair bronding (the essence of technology in placing emphasis on dark hair, peculiar shine lighter shades).

5. Crimp your roots. If you are an active user of the hair curler, do not forget that with its help it is possible not only to curl strands in the style of the ’90s but also effectively volume your hair at the roots. To do this, raise the upper strands and fasten them with clips, and the bottom work with pinch-corrugation near the roots. This simple reception will visually increase the thickness of the hair, and around will not notice corrugated strands.

If you are ready for radical measures, consider expanding your hair. This procedure is not cheap, besides you will have to buy the hair, but the result is worth it – you will have a really great hairstyle.