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How to shape the eyebrows: an easy step-by-step guide

Eyebrows can completely change the expression of the face, making it peaceful, serious or surprised. However, not every girl can boast of a perfect natural shape of the eyebrows. Modern beauty studios offer many types of correction. But it is not affordable for each of us. How to shape the eyebrows at home yourself? Photo-instruction in our new article.

Eyebrows have to match with the face shape

Modern fashion trends do not require long-term removal of excess hair with tweezers. Take a close look at your natural lines. They can be slightly emphasized by henna or pencil.

If it seems that natural eyebrows do not correspond to style or the general appearance, it is necessary to pay attention to several professional tips:

  1. Owners of a round-shaped face will fit the forehead reflects intellect but do not make them high, it will give an unnatural look.
  2. Straight lines with a slight bend will decorate the triangle-shaped face.
  3. Soft arcs are recommended for an oval.
  4. Girls with a square face shape are often offered elongated, slightly raised at the beginning eyebrows with a small arcuate end.
  5. If the face is elongated, you will fit straight, slightly extended lines.

Do not take the tweezers until you are sure that this shape emphasizes all the charms of the appearance. First, draw the desired shape with a pencil or shadows. If they completely suit you, you can start the correction on the applied contour.

Shape the eyebrows

There are two main ways to shape eyebrows:


Suitable for beginners who are new to creating the perfect shape. Stencils can be bought in any beauty store. Its cost is small, which allows you to buy templates for each correction.

Procedure algorithm:

  • the process is performed on a completely clean face (without cosmetics), so you should wash off all remnants of makeup with foam or micellar water;
  • put away the hair so that nothing distracts you;
  • in the package, you can usually find stencils of several types, so before applying the pigment, try it on. You can circle some of them with a pencil to determine the result as accurately as possible;
  • take a dark soft cosmetic marker or mascara, draw the outlines through the holes of the template.


If everything looks beautiful, the face and eyes have become more expressive, you can get to the correction.

The method of three lines

It will be needed by those who have mastered the standard modelling options, or stencils are not at hand. Sometimes the method seems complicated, but in reality, it is not. Steps:

  1. The first line will begin at a point defined by the connection of the nostrils and the inner corner of the eye. You can measure it simply by applying a pencil. This will be the beginning of the whole design.
  2. The second is a straight line from the starting position, ending in the pupil. This is the line of curvature, which determines the ideal position where you want to reduce the thickness.
  3. And the last line connects all segments with the outer corner of the eye. Here is the final point of the simulation.

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