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Hydration reaction: saving hair after lightening

Hair lightening is a procedure that significantly injures the hair: natural pigment is thoroughly washed out and with it many other essential elements. That is why when used with not very high-quality products and without the control of a salon expert, lightening often leads to lamentable effects: hair looks dry, like straw and not luxurious curls. Today we will tell you about hydration reaction and how to restore hair after aggressive treatments.

Hair masks

First and foremost, it is essential to pay attention to professional dry hair masks – they will help to restore the curls quickly, saturate them with useful elements, moisturize and save. However, there are also homemade recipes. For example, an egg mask with honey. It will help to saturate the hair with nutrients and in a short time to bring them into shape. To prepare such a mask, you will need one egg and a spoonful of honey. Separate the yolk from the protein, whisk the yolk with honey and apply it actively to the hair. Put on a plastic cap on the head, wrap it with a towel, hold for 20 minutes and wash off. The procedure should be repeated three times a week to consolidate the result.

Intensive protein therapy

There are a lot of protein hair products on the beauty market, so there is something to choose from. Just don’t expect them to be cheap. If you do not want to treat your hair by yourself at home, the salons also have a protein recovery service.

Special care products

Experts develop a lot of monofunctional tools for blondes. All of them are designed to protect the shade you choose, to preserve it from the yellowness that may emerge a few weeks after lightening. Use blue or purple pigment. These are the so-called blue shampoos, purple masks, pearl balms. Which one to choose – ask your hairstylist who lightened your hair.

Thermal protection

It is often not enough to repair damaged hair with just masks and balms. Curls break even from just combing, imagine how they hurt by the hairdryer and the curler? You need to buy a spray with thermal protection, which will prevent the split ends.

A mixture of oils

A mask made of oils can save even the driest hair as quickly as possible. You will need almond oil, burdock, castor and coconut. Combine these ingredients and heat them in a water bath. Apply to your hair, cover with a shower cap and towel. For maximum efficiency, it is possible to hold this composition all night and wash your head in the morning.

Follow these simple guidelines before you start to lighten your hair, and it will be easier to repair after aggressive treatments.

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