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Hydrogel cosmetics: varieties, features, efficiency

A lot of people have ever heard about hydrogel patches for the eyes, that can instantly freshen the look. However, there are other cosmetics with this beneficial ingredient. What are these new beauty things, and how do they help us become even better? GoBeauty Blog learned about it.

What is hydrogel and where it is used?

The cosmetic hydrogel is a highly porous material with a high content of useful components and water up to 95%. Due to the fluid and useful impregnation, it resembles a viscous jelly. Hydrogel masks and patches are multifunctional products, although their most important function is intense moisture.

With impregnation of a hydrogel made:

  1. Cooling patches. Excellent eliminate swelling under the eyes, remove dark circles and make your sight more refreshed and relaxed. Deep moisture will help to prolong the youthfulness of the skin and prevent wrinkles. They can also be used as a local mask for the area of the nasopharyngeal folds, and the space between the eyebrows and the neck.
  2. Moisturising masks. These miracle products nourish the skin with moisture, provide a noticeable lifting effect, smooth wrinkles, relieve faces, soften the surface of the skin, and make it more elastic. Also, hydrogel masks have a regenerating effect and heal small wounds. A pleasant bonus – easy application process and stronghold (do not slip even if you are in a vertical position).

Advantages of products with hydrogel

Although the hydrogel-based masks and patches themselves are already magic, they are enriched with a variety of additional ingredients for their better result: hyaluronic acid, collagen, antioxidant complexes, essential oils, extracts of various plants, and sometimes even mucus of the snail.

The effect of the use of cosmetics with hydrogel is noticeable after the first application, but the products have a cumulative effect. Manufacturers recommend using them 1-2 times a week, and after a month of application, you will see excellent results.

In addition to the visual effect, a significant plus of hydrogel masks and patches is that they are effortless to use. Before applying any other masks, it is necessary to clean the skin. Then gently apply a cloth imprinted with a hydrogel, and spread it over the face, smoothing and patting with your fingers so that the mask dipped firmly into the skin. After 15-20 minutes, you can take a cover away and enjoy your refreshed look.

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