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If you never wash your head: 7 life hacks that will hide dirty hair

Honestly, it is quite difficult to hide dirty hair. But GoBeauty knows a few life hacks. Combed hair, shells and braids – these hairstyles will help, if you overslept or just did not have time to wash your head. Here are light hairstyles and just secrets on how to hide dirty hair.

Vertical shell hairstyle


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Tilt your head and shake your hair vigorously. Comb the top in a straight line from forehead to ears, giving a lush volume. Divide the hair in half with a vertical parting on the back of the head. Twist each lock with the base at the nape of the neck. Wrap the right one with a roller along the parting so that a lock is formed, fix the middle from below with a pair of hairpins. Repeat the procedure with the left one, pressing the curl tightly to the first and covering it a little. Hide the hair tip of the first one. From what is left, complete a beautiful loop over the plaits.

Round shell hairstyle


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Comb the straight strip of the upper part of the hair from the forehead. Apply “wet” styling, avoiding this strip. Round three-four locks, pulling all the hair. Style on the back of the head with circular turns, collecting the shell. Secure with invisible hairpins.

Beach waves


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If you have naturally a little curly hair, you are lucky: it looks even better when a little dirty. Apply salt spray a length, add a dry volume shampoo to the roots – the surfing hairstyle is ready.

Retro voluminous hairstyle


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Make a lush volume at the roots. To do this, take a small curl, pull it back parallel to the floor. Comb your hair with a brush towards the roots 3-5 times. At the end of the hairstyle, wear a not too thin headband.

Stylish scarf


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Your mom will be delighted: headbands, hoops and scarves are back in fashion. Wrap it around your head, tie it on your hair – all the attention will switch from hair to an accessory.

Comb your hair back


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This will save the situation if you have smooth hair. Spray dry shampoo on the roots for easy fixation and make a small volume on the top. Squeeze the oil or gel on the comb and walk along the length, then make a low tail. Note that makeup must be flawless, with an emphasis on the eyes and cheekbones.

Wash the front locks


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Hair near the face gets dirty faster due to contact with sebum and cosmetics. Often it is the front locks that make the appearance generally untidy. If you do not have time to wash and dry your hair, wash only the front curls.

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