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In for a penny: multifunctional cosmetics

We are sure that your beauty shelves will have more than one product that performs several functions at once. Similar 3 in 1 or even 7 in 1 formula products are very popular. In the world today, the consumer wants to solve several skin problems at once and simultaneously save precious time and money on skin and hair care. Cosmetic developers listened to the request and responded to it. Thus multifunctional cosmetics appeared.

Pros of multifunctional cosmetics

Maximum benefits, minimum resources! Multifunctionality is a new trend and is manifested today everywhere. From bread enriched with iodine and vitamins to smartphones that already handle the tasks of half of the office equipment. The beauty sphere is also affected by this trend.

Here are the main advantages of “wide profile” cosmetics, supported by specific examples.

First of all, it is convenient. The properties of several products are combined in one bottle. For example, a gel scrub with a small number of abrasive particles works on three fronts, perfectly coping with all tasks, and moisturizing gel can be processed any part of the body.

Wash + scrub + mask 3 in 1, Garnier Pure Active

Solves several problems at once:

  • cleanses the skin;
  • eliminates black spots and acne;
  • reduces greasy shine.

The product contains salicylic acid, zinc, eucalyptus extract, exfoliating particles. Suitable for daily use.

There is one reason for different problems. For example, enlarged pores, acne, greasy shine, and dullness of the skin are associated with excessive fat. It makes sense to influence the “root of all evil”.

Aloe all-in-one ampoule, Farm Stay

This is another beauty product that can save space in the bathroom as well as easily replace tonic, serum and emulsion.

The product has a light consistency and is quickly absorbed. Thanks to the green tea extract in the composition, the serum eliminates irritation and reduces inflammation. Aloe has a calming effect on the skin, relieves itching and redness.

That is why this serum is perfect for owners of dehydrated and irritated skin. Course application will significantly reduce peeling, pigmentation, and give the skin a healthy appearance.

Tea Tree Hair & Body Moisturizer

Greenline fans have long noticed not only the basic care and excellent action of the ampoule but also a powerful moisturizer for hair and body Tea Tree Hair & Body Moisturizer. It effectively moisturizes both the curls and the epidermis, does not need to be washed off, but also cools the skin, and has a light texture that perfectly absorbs. The product is very relevant in the summer in the city as a weightless moisturizer after the beach, when you need to “cool down” and soothe the skin.

Cons of multifunctional cosmetics

The disadvantage of such products is only one – it encourages our laziness and the desire to solve all problems at once. So when buying an all-in-one, it’s important to remember something.

  1. It will not replace all the major stages of care. 3-in-1 cosmetics often have one fundamental property and several additional ones. The gel with scrubbing particles is first and foremost a gel. If you need effective exfoliation, you will need a special remedy.
  2. Acute problems (such as acne exacerbations) require “sight strikes” – special remedies prescribed by dermatologists.
  3. The presence of a regular component does not make the formula universal. The action depends on its concentration and the components.
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