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In its pure form: the skin detox process

Cleansing the body is a healthy habit. The regular skin detox should be added to this process. What are the results you can expect and how to do it properly – read about it in our new article.

What is skin detox

Detox involves the elimination of toxins and cell products from the skin. These harmful substances accumulate in the skin cells, disrupting their work. As a result, the metabolic processes in the skin slow down, it dims, fluid stagnation, swelling and dark circles under the eyes, a network of wrinkles and rashes appear. With the help of detoxification, harmful substances through the blood, lymph and skin are naturally eliminated.


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What effect is achieved through the detox procedure

From the timely removal of toxins, the skin becomes naturally healthy in colour, becomes more elastic and healthier. Metabolic processes and cell renewal are normalized, so wrinkles that may appear due to the accumulation of toxins begin to smooth out soon.

How is skin detox done?

The procedure is performed in several steps.

Stage 1 – Superficial skin cleansing

This is the first place to start a detox program. Tocopherol and organic silicon will help neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals and clear pores from the accumulated fat layer. They are found in cleansers for the appropriate series of care products.

Stage 2 – Deep cleansing of the skin

It will be provided by green clay, which, like a magnet, removes clogs from the pores. And silver, which is present in the mineral, improves metabolism in cells.

Stage 3 – Skin toning

The task of white clay is to bring the skin to tone and soothe it. It not only polishes the pores to shine but also narrows them. A nice bonus for oily skin owners will be a matte T-zone throughout the day.

Stage 4 – Night care

The night detox procedure will be effectively carried out by Vitamin C, which fights oxidative stress. While resting, it performs “repair work”, preparing the face for a new day and building a natural defence against the aggressive effects of the environment.

A relaxing massage will help enhance the effect of detox treatments. It will disperse the lymph, saturate the skin cells with oxygen and increase the permeability of cosmetics. Undoubtedly, the effect after such an active effect is striking: the skin becomes softer and smoother, the complexion is fresher, the blush appears.

How often you can detoxify the skin

Cosmetologists do not consider it necessary to carry out the procedure more than once every six months. The best time to detoxify the skin is spring and autumn when the sun is not too active. However, if you want to get rid of toxins right now, try to avoid direct sunlight within three days after the procedure.

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