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22 June 2022


Interesting facts about microblading

The microblading (micro pigmentation) technique for eyebrows exists in the market of cosmetic services for a long time. However, not everyone knows what lies behind it. We have gathered the most important and interesting facts about this procedure to help you understand whether microblading is for you.

What is this procedure?

Microblading is a colour correction of the eyebrows, performed manually. With the help of a special "handle" (manipulator) with a thin blade, the artist makes small incisions and adds pigment to the epidermis.

Interesting facts about the procedure

Fact 1: Microblading is not a tattoo

Microblading differs from tattooing in technique. During permanent makeup, micro-punctures are applied to the skin, and during the microblading procedure, the cosmetologist applies small incisions. If the procedure is in a powder technique, shading is also performed.

Fact 2: Pain is quite tolerable

Many girls know what an eyebrow tattoo is and how it is done. And you probably also know that this procedure is painful. Microblading is much less painful, especially if the cosmetologist applies anaesthesia. Another difference between microblading and conventional tattooing is that the depth of the needle piercing of the skin is much smaller. However, it does not affect the duration and quality of the effect.

Fact 3: The eyebrows do not look like they are drawn

There are several microblading techniques: hair, shadow and powder.

The first one allows reconstructing partially or completely absent eyebrows as naturally as possible. The shadow technique adds volume, contour and clarity to the eyebrows. The powder creates the effect of eyebrows tinted with shadows or henna.

A variety of techniques give any eyebrows a well-groomed and natural look. The artist manually draws a hair, a shadow, or creates a powder effect.

Fact 4: The paint may change colour after the procedure

Unfortunately, not only professionals perform microblading, so the technology may be violated. Materials for micro-pigmentation are also selected not always high quality. However, when using professional pigments by a qualified artist, the colour change will be insignificant. If you do not make a supportive correction in 6-8 months, the colour will completely disappear.