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It’s kind of weird: 5 the most unusual beauty procedures

We, women, want to be attractive at any age and sometimes for the sake of this we are ready to make desperate sacrifices. GoBeauty Blog has prepared 5 procedures for you that may be effective, but they are very bizarre.

  1. Skin whitening. It became popular relatively recently because 10 years ago tanned skin was in fashion. Bleaching is recommended at age pigmentation but sometimes young dark-skinned girls go for it. The procedure is performed on the basis of acid or mechanical peeling. The ideal time for it is late autumn or winter.
  2. Fire rejuvenation. It sounds scary but you do not have to worry, there is no need to keep your face over the fire. For the procedure, you need to moisten the towel with alcohol and a special cosmetic solution then put it on your face and set fire to it for a few seconds. Cosmetologists note that such manipulation stimulates the skin, helps components penetrate deep into the dermis, resulting in increased skin turgor and wrinkles. Of course, this procedure should only be carried out by an experienced cosmetologist and in no case at home.
  3. Muscle stimulation of the buttocks. It is believed that it is the secret of the elastic buttocks of Victoria’s Secret models. The secret of the procedure is in pumping the muscles without physical participation. To do this, a special device called myo-stimulator is used, which produces weak electrical currents that contract the muscles. The result is beautiful tightened hips and no fatigue from workouts.
  4. Massage with snails. The procedure is unpleasant but painless and useful. For its implementation snails are released on the face. They crawl, massage the skin and provide beneficial mucus. In order for the procedure to have the desired cosmetological effect, snails are grown in special temperature, and they are fed only with organic food.
  5. Massage with snails. An exotic procedure that is sometimes used in psychology to relieve stress and treat phobias. Snakes are selected exclusively non-poisonous, and so that the “servants” are gentle, they are well fed beforehand. The procedure usually involves up to 6 snakes. Large relieve pain in the muscles, and small – relax.

When choosing a beauty procedure, first of all, be guided by the opinion of an experienced cosmetologist whom you trust. And think one more time, is it worth it?

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