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Keep your eyes open: what you need to know about skin care around the eyes

The orbital zone is one of the most sensitive on the face. The skin here is especially thin, so wrinkles in the outer corners of the eyes – crow’s feet – appear first. However, talking about the care of this sensitive area, it is not entirely correct to reduce everything to anti-ageing procedures. In fact, we can give our eyes a lot more.

  1. Getting rid of edemas. Poor sleep, drinking alcohol and even an extra glass of water at night can cause eyelid edemas. The cheapest and most effective method of dealing with it is eyewash with tea. But if you do not want to mess around with cotton pads or do not have time for this, you should have anti-edematous creams, gels and serums in your pouch. For example, Faberlic Prolixir Active eye cream with hyaluronic acid. But if the swelling does not go away within a few weeks, this may indicate kidney problems and it is better to consult a doctor.
  2. Dark circles removing. Pigmentation on the skin around the eyes does not decorate anyone. The causes of dark circles are often chronic fatigue, lack of sleep, stress, smoking. Sometimes it can appear due to the proximity of the vessels. Masking products will help to get rid of the problem, for example, corrective care for the skin around the eyes of erborian BB cream or special hydrogel patches. The latter is in the range of Japan Gals.
  3. Smoothing wrinkles. As mentioned earlier, the skin around the eyes is very thin and prone to wrinkles. They occur due to the dryness of the skin, so it is better to moisturize it even at a young age. To do this, you need to use moisturizing creams in the morning and in the evening, preferably with massage rollers, for example, Yves Rocher detox and recovery eye contour gel cream.
  4. Soothing sensitive skin. Due to the frequent use of decorative cosmetics, the eyelid skin may begin to behave with allergic reactions. They are manifested in redness, itching, burning skin of the eyelids and eye mucosa. If you have noticed such symptoms, take an antihistamine and temporarily refuse eye shadows, concealer and mascara. Then return the products one by one in order to understand which one exactly the skin reacted with allergies. Be careful if redness and burning on the mucous membranes do not go away, a bacterial infection may have joined in and you need to visit a doctor.
  5. Taking preventive measures. The orbital zone is particularly sensitive to the effects of ultraviolet radiation. With prolonged exposure to the sun, it loses its moisture, elasticity, and its epidermal layer becomes much thinner. This contributes to premature photoaging of the skin. Therefore, we recommend developing a good habit of wearing sunglasses not only on the beach. Moreover, the lenses must be with UVA/UVB protection and necessarily large to cover not only the eyes but also the skin around them.

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