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Laser hair removal: an effective way to get rid of body hair

Laser hair removal is a great alternative to shaving and using an electric epilator. With the proper process of procedure, just a few sessions can help to get rid of a significant part of the hair anywhere on the body. How to prepare for the procedure and how to behave after it? This is what our new article is about.

How does this work?

Elimination of hair by laser occurs without damaging the skin. The beam acts on the hair follicle, after which the latter is destroyed and the hair stops growing. The target for the laser is a dark pigment – melanin, which is located directly in the hair. To completely get rid of unwanted hair (up to 95%) you need to undergo a course of 4–8 procedures with an interval of one and a half to three months.


Preparation for the procedure

Before you sign up for a service to a cosmetologist, you need to properly prepare for the effects of a laser beam. For this you need:

  • a couple of weeks before the procedure, you should refrain from sunbathing (only applies to the zone that will be epilated), including in the solarium;
  • for two weeks you should stop taking tetracycline antibiotics (to avoid pigmentation);
  • for 20 days it is worth stopping to remove hair with an electric epilator and wax, so as not to disturb the hair follicles, on the contrary, it is necessary to actively shave the area affected by the laser, this will help strengthen the hair;
  • a few days before the session, alcohol-based products (including deodorants) cannot be applied to the skin at the site of the epilation;
  • on the eve of the procedure, all hair in the epilated area should be shaved.

Skin care after laser hair removal

After the procedure, the skin does not require special care, you just need to follow some simple rules:

  • use panthenol to get rid of redness in the treated area;
  • do not take hot baths;
  • the area that was epilated should not sunbathe within two weeks after the session.

Rules of procedure

In order to laser hair removal was effective and had no side effects, it is important to strictly observe the timing of its implementation. After the first procedure, 4 weeks should pass, and with each subsequent session the interval increases by 10-15 days. After 4–7 procedures, the hair will leave by 70–95%, then you need to carry out maintenance sessions at intervals of six months – year.

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