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Laser intimate plastic: non-surgical method of raising self-esteem

The beauty of the female genitalia is as important as the beauty of the face. Any aesthetic defects in intimate places can lead to several inferiority complexes and personal problems. Fortunately, modern aesthetic cosmetology and medicine are developing, and women have the opportunity to make intimate plastic without surgical intervention. GoBeauty thoroughly studied this delicate question and knows about laser intimate rejuvenation all.

Intimate plastic is made with aesthetic, reconstructive and curative purpose. There are two types of procedures: correction of the labia and laser rejuvenation of the vagina.

Laser labiaplasty

It is a non-surgical correction of the size of large and small labia and skin folds around the vagina. The procedure is used in case of availability:

  • non-aesthetic seam, arising due to inadequate sewing after pathological births;
  • age deformations;
  • congenital anatomical defects.

Labiaplasty allows creating the desired shape and size of the labia without injuring the body. Due to the non-invasiveness of the procedure, there is no bleeding (the laser coagulates the vessel) and hematoma, and the incision is as smooth as possible. A pleasant bonus is the rapid healing of wounds, which is extremely important when working with such a delicate area. The result of the intervention remains forever.


  • the beautiful appearance of the labia;
  • increased sensitivity and, as a result, improved sexuality;
  • deprivation of psychological discomfort.

Laser rejuvenation of the vagina (vaginoplasty)

This is a new procedure that allows to reduce tissue and trigger the processes of regeneration of collagen fibres without surgical intervention. Indications:

  • decrease of elasticity and sensitivity of the vagina;
  • the need for recovery after childbirth;
  • atrophy of the walls of the vagina;
  • prophylaxis of the muscle relaxation syndrome of the vagina;
  • various forms of female sexual dysfunctions.

Before starting the procedure, the doctor prescribes the necessary tests and conducts an overview to exclude contraindications. During the process, the woman is on the gynaecological chair, the doctor introduces to the vagina the device’s manipulator, directs it to the walls and gives impulse. The woman feels only radiant heat, the pain is entirely absent. Usually, the woman needs to go through 2-4 procedures.

The effect of laser rejuvenation:

  • vaginal contraction by 20%;
  • 95% increase in vaginal sensitivity and as a result of improvement of sexual life;
  • 57% increase in feelings in orgasm;
  • muscle healing and prevention of uterine emptying.

Of course, these procedures cannot be called cheap, although most clinics periodically offer discounts. But which investment is more profitable than investing in one’s health? And there is also a nice bonus – improving the appearance of the genitals and, as a consequence, enhancing life in general. And do not we live for that?

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