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Life is a movement: the main benefits of running for health

In addition to the obvious physical benefits, running is useful for several significant reasons. Often people do not like this kind of physical activity but believe us, it is worth thinking about giving it a second chance. And that’s why:

Running makes smarter

According to New York Magazine, scientists have identified a direct link between aerobic exercise and subsequent cognitive clarity. After running you can literally feel a surge of strength. Scientists have also denied the fact that in adult life our brain is not able to create new neurons. Aerobic exercise contributes to this and does not allow our brain to get old.

Fighting depression

Regular exercise, namely running, helps reduce stress and anxiety. Exercising produces more endorphins and helps to cope with psychological problems. Many experts recommend their patients not taking antidepressants, but different sports. Running, in this case, is the best helper.


Health source

The first logical reason why running is good for health is, of course, good physical condition. The runners have a slim body and good physical form. But these are not all the benefits. For example, running is ideal for cardiovascular system training.

Zen achievement

There are activity increases in the frontal lobes of the brain while running, which may explain a surge in clarity in the head. The same part of the brain is associated with the regulation of emotions. This means that if you feel upset or sad, then the best medicine, in this case, will be running.

Casey Neistat, American blogger, who is known for his passion for running, said: “Before every important decision I made in the last eight years, I first ran.”

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