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Lifehack: how to check if a short haircut is right for you

Celebrities often change hair colour and are not afraid to get rid of boring curls. Want to try something new? First, pass our test and find out which haircut will make you even more attractive?

Calculate the proportions

There is a golden rule of 5.7 centimetres to tell you if a short haircut is right for you. This requires:

  1. Place the pen horizontally under the chin and the ruler perpendicular to the pen. A 90 ° angle should come between them.
  2. Measure the distance from the ear lobe to the point of intersection of the pen and the ruler. If this gap is less than 5.7 cm, a short haircut will decorate you. If the distance is longer, it is better to leave long curls.

Hesitate or cut

Are you sure a short haircut will suit you? Then look at 4 more important tips:

The stylist’s opinion

Hairstylists are there to help with such issues. If you are in doubt, a hairdresser can evaluate your hair density, face shape and other factors to help you understand whether a short haircut is right for you.

Determining the optimal haircut figure is no less important than the shape of the face. With small growth, very long hair is better not to wear, as it visually shortens the figure. But it goes to tall women.

Haircut requires more attention

Many people think that short hair does not need styling: it is a huge mistake. Of course, you will save a couple of minutes for washing, but forget about those carefree times when you could just collect long hair in a ponytail – now you have to spend hours modelling hair with wax and texturing spray. Soon you will become an absolute master of a short haircut, but remember: the "practicality" of such a haircut is nothing more than an illusion!

If you decide on a short haircut, try using dry shampoo and wax. These great short hair products instantly give them a great texture.

Or, maybe slow it down?

If you are most afraid of regretting what you have done, remember that it is not necessary to cut your hair too short. Stylists recommend that you gradually trim your hair, getting used to the new length, hair behaviour and styling techniques once and for all. You can cut the hair to the shoulders, make a curl, and then – if you decide to go to the end – make a pixie. So you can stop at any time.

Are you tired of hesitation?

Otherwise, even if it happens that you still tighten on the lost long hair, there is a strong argument for deciding on a haircut. Whatever the case may be, remember: hair is not teeth, it will grow back!

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