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05 February 2023


Light makeup for everyone

“I’ll do a quick light makeup”, – sometimes girls think, but get over it in an hour and a half. More specifically, the twitching eyes of men, tired of a long wait, bring them to consciousness. Yes, for most women, natural everyday makeup is sacred. But what if you don’t have enough time for it?

We suggest stocking up on ideas for light makeup and check if you have all the necessary tools to make it.

A must-have of beauty products to emphasize beauty is a foundation (choose the one that suits your skin type: normal, oily, dry or mixed), concealer, eye pencil and shadows, mascara, powder and/or blush, gloss or lipstick.

You should have a brush for tone or a beauty blender, a brush for blush, a thin brush for spot correction (allows you to apply concealer as accurately as possible), brushes for shadows, lipstick application in a cosmetic bag.

Now let’s consider various types of light eye makeup of different colours:

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Makeup for blue eyes

Lilac, bronze, copper, beige, pink, light brown, peach, neutral grey colours are perfect for blue eyes owners. Also, replace the black pencil with blue or grey, and you’ll love the effect.

Makeup for green eyes

Stylists recommend using light grey, copper, bronze, green shades (use darker shades of this hue, they will add your eyes more expressiveness). Brown and dark green pencils will help to emphasize the eyes.

Makeup for brown eyes

Beige, chocolate, olive, pink, brown are suitable for a casual look. Do not use brown or grey mascara as your eyes will get lost.

Makeup for grey eyes

Representatives with such a rare eye colour are incredibly lucky because almost the entire palette of cold colours will suit them.

And finally, life hacks for excellent light makeup:

  • Always start your makeup by moisturizing your skin!
  • Prepare your lips for lipstick. Brush it gently with a toothbrush (no toothpaste) while brushing your teeth – the skin will be smooth, soft and exfoliated.
  • Get a foundation of two colours (darker and lighter). Use the first on the nose, cheekbones and chin.
  • Use a concealer to mask minor blemishes.
  • Apply mascara so that the brush strokes are directed towards the outer corner of the eye. Visually, the eyelashes will increase.
  • Apply the blush in an upward motion to accentuate the eyes. Also, this will help to hide dark circles under the eyes after sleepless nights.

Shine, love, rejoice and enjoy the last warm days. You deserve it!