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Lip patch: what it is and how to use

You can joke as much as you want that lip patch is the only way to make a girl keep quiet, but the fact remains: this SOS-remedy helps to quickly restore delicate skin, moisturize it, smooth out wrinkles. Invaluable patches for those who are in the heat and cold complain of dry lips and can not live without lip balms. 

How lip patch works

Patches contain nutrients, thanks to which they saturate the lips with various components. As a result: 

  • lips and skin around become healthier, "juicy" and soft;
  • there is a healing of small cracks, problem areas become well-groomed;
  • the natural protection of the skin is activated, due to which it becomes less prone to various negative factors (for example, exposure to UV rays, wind, low temperatures);
  • the water balance is normalized, the lips become moisturized, the feeling of "tightness" disappears.

It also helps to fight some cosmetic problems. For example, eliminates peeling and skin irritation. As well as such stimulates the body’s natural production of elastin and collagen so that fine wrinkles are gradually smoothed.

And lip patch has one positive effect – it visually enlarges the lips. This is due to improved blood circulation when using the beauty product.

Application method

Clean and dry your lips and the skin around. Apply the patch and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Remove the patch, the remnants of the gel can be washed off with warm water, apply balm or makeup.

Ready-made lip masks

If you do not have time to prepare a lip mask yourself, use ready-made options, they are often more effective, contain collagen and hyaluronic acid. At the same time and will prolong the youth of the thin skin of the lips!

Sos! My Lip Patch, Berrisom

This lip patch is very small. Instead, the composition is rich: a complex of peptides and hyaluronic acid smooth facial wrinkles, and extracts of flowers and berries soften the skin. And just in case: sticking the patch on the lips, get ready to try the impregnation, it will be in the mouth in any way. 

Pilaten collagen crystal lip mask

The Korean manufacturer offers an effective remedy with marine collagen, aloe juice, glycerin and hyaluronic acid. According to the company, cosmetics do not contain chemical components, it is completely natural.

Hydrogel patches by Rose, Kocostar

The first thing you will feel even through the closed package is the smell of flowering rose hips. On the lips, the patch looks quite futuristic, shimmering pink-red-orange. Allantoin will soften the skin of the lips and increase its elasticity. It takes only 10 minutes for full action.

How often can you use a lip patch?

The technique of applying lip patches is very simple. First, you need to scrub the skin so that all the components can better interact and penetrate. Then act according to the instructions. After some time, rinse the remnants of the product. These masks can be used once a week or just before an important event.

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