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Luxe Elegance. Top 5 Beauty Brands in Luxembourg, Photo 1925

06 February 2022


Luxe Elegance. Top 5 Beauty Brands in Luxembourg

Luxembourg, a charming and affluent country nestled in the heart of Europe, is more than its fairy-tale castles, banking sector, and high standards of living. This small yet cosmopolitan country has a vibrant beauty scene that mirrors its diverse culture and commitment to quality. Here, we present the top five beauty brands that have firmly established Luxembourg on the global beauty map.

J'adore bio

J'adore bio is Luxembourg's leading online shop for natural and organic cosmetics. With an extensive range of skincare, body care, and makeup products from various international natural beauty brands, they strive to make green beauty accessible to everyone. J'adore bio is particularly known for their curation of niche European brands, introducing Luxembourg consumers to innovative and sustainable beauty options.

La Lorraine

Embracing the artistry of handmade soap, La Lorraine is a popular Luxembourgish brand known for their luxurious and fragrant soaps. Made using traditional techniques and high-quality ingredients, their products promise a sensorial and beneficial experience. La Lorraine's commitment to handcrafted quality extends to their candles, bath salts, and other body care products, all lovingly made in small batches.


Ozapftis, a natural cosmetics company, has been creating waves with its line of beauty products inspired by the traditional ingredients of Luxembourg. From luxurious creams enriched with local honey to soaps infused with beer, a nod to Luxembourg's brewing tradition, Ozapftis offers an interesting blend of tradition and novelty. Their beer soap, in particular, is well-loved for its unique concept and skin-friendly properties.


Aiming to redefine the way we approach aging, Evernow is a Luxembourg-based beauty brand focusing on creating high-performance anti-aging skincare. Their products, formulated with innovative ingredients and backed by scientific research, target various signs of aging. Evernow's focus on promoting a holistic and positive perspective towards aging sets them apart in the beauty industry.


GreenMeow is Luxembourg's first eco-friendly and vegan beauty shop, offering a broad range of cosmetics and hygiene products. Known for their focus on sustainable beauty, they provide consumers with a selection of brands that are cruelty-free, organic, and packaged with environmentally-friendly materials.

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Luxembourg's beauty industry, although smaller compared to its neighbors, stands out for its quality, innovation, and commitment to sustainability. The country's top five beauty brands offer a diverse range of products that cater to different beauty needs while maintaining high standards of quality and environmental responsibility. Whether you're seeking organic skincare, artisanal soaps, or innovative anti-aging solutions, Luxembourg's beauty scene is worth exploring.