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Maggi cheese diet: essence, principles and menu, Photo 622

18 July 2022


Maggi cheese diet: essence, principles and menu

Maggi cheese diet is one of the effective ways to lose weight. It is practically indistinguishable from Maggi classic egg diet. The only difference is that you need to eat low-fat cheese instead of eggs. Due to the presence of cheese, eggs and meat on the menu, Maggi cheese diet, like protein, saturates the body with protein and trace elements, and fruits accelerate metabolism. The daily menu includes cheese, boiled chicken or beef, boiled fish or shrimp, boiled eggs, steamed vegetables and savoury fruits. Forbidden products include sweet fruits, potatoes, butter, animal fats, broths, mayonnaise, sugar and alcohol drinks.

Pay attention to

In the cheesy version of the famous diet there are several main points:

  • Maggi diet easily turns into a cheese if you replace one product with another at the rate of 1 egg = 100 g cheese;
  • it is not necessary to count the portion size and the number of calories, they can be changed at will if the menu does not specify the exact weight;
  • the amount of fat also matters – the cheesy version of the Maggi diet involves consuming 2-3.8% fat;
  • a diet should always be impeccable – all meals in an hour, without deviations and indulgences.

List of allowed foods

There are not enough hours to list all the “bans”, as there are too many harmful products. Therefore, we list what you can eat while adhering to Maggi cheese diet:

  • cheese;
  • low-fat meat, poultry;
  • eggs;
  • fruits (except – bananas, grapes, dates, dried figs, mangoes, canned fruits, jams);
  • vegetables (exception – potatoes);
  • greens;
  • coffee (one cup without milk), tea, vegetables and fruit and vegetable smoothies.

The advantages and disadvantages of the diet


  1. Fast and long-lasting result. By day 5 you will mark a noticeable change in the figure. And after a diet, the weight does not return for a long time.
  2. Easy recipes. The dishes are selected elementary: boiled eggs, steaks, cutlets, salads. Even the “chef” beginner will cope with them.
  3. No calorie count. You don’t have to sit with calorie tables and a calculator. The main task will be to initiate processes that will cause the body to get rid of fat deposits and slag on its own.
  4. It is not necessary to take vitamin complexes. Most diets are deprived of all the necessary vitamins and trace elements due to the poverty of the menu. What you cannot say about Maggi “egg diet”. It includes egg yolk (a true source of nutrients) as well as a large list of vegetables and fruits.
  5. Efficiency. To lose 10 to 15 kg in 1 month and not to return to the former lush forms – a dream of many women who lose weight. It’s easy to do with the Maggi diet.


  1. The complexity of execution. You will need to subordinate your life to Maggi schedule. Otherwise high results will not be achieved.
  2. No snacking. Meals are taken three times a day. No snacks, no breaks at the “light lunch”.
  3. Plenty of eggs on the menu. Not everyone loves this product. In some, it causes allergic reactions. Therefore, the diet is not suitable for everyone.
  4. Lack of sweets. Sugar is not allowed in food and beverages. And, of course, no candy, chocolate and cakes can be discussed. Sweet tooth will have to be tight. But there is a way out – you can put sugar substitutes in tea or coffee. And sweets are easily offset by fruits.
  5. Strict adherence to the schedule. If it is broken at least once, the diet will have to start anew. Even if you “broke down” on week 4 of the nutrition schedule, you will need to start everything again.