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Makeup with lifting effect: non-surgical face lifting method, Photo 346

20 April 2022


Makeup with lifting effect: non-surgical face lifting method

Makeup is one of the simplest and most affordable methods of visual rejuvenation. In just 20 minutes you will look younger than 10-15 years without Botox injections and surgery. The secret to the lifting effect is not important to achieve. And our step-by-step guide will help you.

  1. Clean your skin, as usual, and apply tonic and day cream.
  2. Apply a makeup base, preferably with a purple undertone (this will help mask the pigmentation and even out the skin tone).
  3. Apply a tonal base to all faces except the area around the eyes.
  4. The orbital area is covered with a concealer or green coloured pigment if there are red or blue circles.
  5. Tone other skin defects (red - with green, peach - with earthy shades).
  6. To mask the wrinkles, you need to apply (literally lay in the kinks) a concealer that is lighter than the skin.
  7. If you have bags under your eyes, lighten them with a concealer that is lighter than the skin, and in bulky, protruding areas, apply a concealer that is darker than the skin. Similarly, cover up all skin imperfections.
  8. Face sculpting is done by a dark concealer from the top of the ear to the tip of the nose. Make a smooth semicircular line and flatten it so that the transition becomes invisible. Repeat on the other side.
  9. Treat your chin area in the same way: take a dark pigment and apply it in the direction of the neck to the chin with a killer motion.
  10. Apply blush: to do this, smile and apply colour to the apples on the cheek (above the correction line). Add a shade of blush to your skin tone to give you a natural blush on your face.
  11. Dark brown shadows highlight the eyebrows, giving them the desired shape. Apply face powder.
  12. White pigment is drawn under the tips of the eyebrows (to visually lift them) and in the corners of the eyes to make them look more open.
  13. Apply coloured shadows to the centre of the rolling eyelid and shade it in all directions. Lighten the corners of the eyes and the areas below them. The darkest shade is made from the outer corner in a semicircle. Pastel shade is wrapped around our form and blended into the eyebrows and eyes. We take it to the lower eyelid.
  14. Apply a dark tint to the lower eyelid from the centre to the outer corner and pull it to the motionless eyelid, combining with the lower eyelid.
  15. With dark brown draw the eyelash growth line. Under the eyebrows and on the inner corner, apply a golden creamy pigment for the highlighting effect.
  16. Apply mascara.
  17. With the Kayal of dark colour draw the lower line of growth of eyelashes so that the eye is visually raised.
  18. Now lip makeup. Draw a shape with the help of a lip pencil, going beyond the outline. First, apply a darker colour to the centre of the lips and fill it with lipstick, then apply a lighter and bring it to the corners of the lips. Due to the ombre lips will look more voluminous.

That's all. Makeup that will make you younger is ready! Below you will find a video tutorial!