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Men's manicure: guys wear nail polish too, Photo 919

11 August 2022


Men's manicure: guys wear nail polish too

Hygienic men’s manicure will not surprise anyone. The men decided to trust the nail artists. In recent years, experts have appeared in Ukraine and Europe, whose price includes a manicure service for men, including nail polish. Why do men paint their nails, and how did they come to this? The GoBeauty Blog will tell about it today.

History of the phenomenon

Men started wearing nail polish a long time ago, not yesterday, not last year and not even on the wave of popularity of David Bowie or Kurt Cobain. Three thousand years before the era, the warriors of ancient Babylon painted their nails with antimony while preparing for battle. Then mankind forgot about it, and bright nails remained a purely feminine attribute for many years.

Rock stars were the first to cover their nails with varnish in the second half of the XX century. David Bowie prefered glitter, Kurt Cobain starred in videos with cracked red polish on nails, Ozzy Osbourne and Marilyn Manson wore classic black nail varnish.

Then actors and musicians like Johnny Depp and Jared Leto started applying nail polish. A little later Lil Yachty, Jaden Smith, Bad Bunny and A$AP Rocky picked up the fashion. Also, in 2015, Brad Pitt appeared at the Palm Springs International Festival with a striped manicure.

Men’s nail brands

Not only fashion influencers and celebrities play a significant role in this trend. Also, manufacturers of nail polish supporting men. Now, these brands have realized that they can, on the one hand, promote equality and, on the other hand, capture a new market.

For example, the OPI brand launched the Men Who Mani-Up campaign last year. It includes a video with three completely different men. A real estate agent, a DJ and a dancer wear nail polish, share their impressions and reactions of others. “I’m bungy jumping right now. I’ve jumped off the bridge!” – says a solid man in a suit, covering nails with blue varnish with glitter at the beginning of the video, hinting that the experience remains extreme for most people.

The Essie brand didn’t stay away as well. The face of the brand last summer was an American hairdresser, podcaster and TV presenter Jonathan Van Ness. The news aroused special admiration among parents of boys, who wear nail polish in school and kindergarten and are sometimes ridiculed for it.

Another popular brand is AlphaNail. It presents men’s nail polishes as an opportunity for members of the stronger sex to express their courage (as strange as it sounds), as well as unusualness, originality, extravagance. It all depends on the chosen shade. To somehow highlight nail varnishes, the company came up with an outstanding package as tubes in the form of felt-tip pens. The basic colours of the collection are metallic, grey and black.