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Micro-trend: nail piercing

Girls have always loved to decorate nails. And if a few years ago nail piercing was popular only among some cultures, now it is increasingly penetrating the realm of fashionistas. You will surprise no one with the original decoration on the tip of the nail – it is not only trendy but also very cool. In this article, we will tell you about nail piercing, as well as teach you how to do it at home.

What is

Nail piercing – a very small hole – a puncture of the nail plate, which extends a special decoration. You can buy it in stores or make your own. On the nails, the piercing looks unusual and elegant. It can not help but attract the attention and surprised admiring glances of others.

The advantages of the design include:

  • appropriateness – such an interesting way to decorate a nail is appropriate for any event, except the official one;
  • versatility – you can safely replace the jewellery, thereby performing various manicure designs;
  • simplicity – the procedure is easy to perform yourself at home;
  • cheapness – this unusual type of piercing does not require special costs;
  • unusualness – jewellery invariably attracts increased attention;
  • harmlessness – following all the advice of professionals will avoid injuries to the nail plate;
  • painless – no anaesthesia required and the puncture site does not hurt;
  • renewal – changing earrings and gems, you can create different design of the chosen manicure.

How to make a nail piercing yourself

Not everyone has the opportunity to visit a professional to make such nail design. Therefore, this type of piercing is often performed at home.

The procedure is not complicated, it can be done at home, using the tools at hand. The nail plate must be strengthened with bio gel, if you already have nails, you can immediately get to the procedure.

You can buy all the necessary tools in a speciality store. It is very important to sterilize instruments and gems before the procedure and wash your hands thoroughly.

  1. A base coat of varnish in a thickness of two to three layers is applied on the nail surface. Each new layer of varnish must be completely dry before applying a new layer.
  2. Carry out marking of the subsequent puncture on a free edge.
  3. Then, install a drill on the marking, and frill a hole perpendicular to the nail plate.
  4. Insert an earring into the hole and fix a clasp.

It is important to choose the right jewel. The earring should not go too far beyond the plate, otherwise, it will cling and cause discomfort.

Useful tips

Although this nail design is considered safe (of course, if done correctly), care must still be taken. It is better to remove the piercing during homework or at night. After all, sometimes both natural and extended nails can be hit hard.

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