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Microblading: perfect eyebrows for a long time

Beautiful eyebrows of the right shape are the key to a stylish well-groomed appearance. Do not want to “draw a face” every day, and the tattooing does not really please you? Pay attention to the eyebrow microblading technique. It helps to create natural eyebrows without a tattoo effect.

Microblading or tattooing

Microblading is the creation of tiny cuts with the help of a special blade and the introduction of pigment into the epidermis. It is a kind of hardware tattooing. The difference between the techniques is as follows:

  1. The tattooing is made with the help of a tattoo machine, which needle makes reciprocating movements at the expense of electricity. Microblanding is the handmade technique. It is executed by a manipulator. This is a tool with a tip in the form of very thin (0,1-0,2 mm) needles, which are tightly adjacent to each other and form a kind of blade.
  2. During the usual tattooing process, the needle penetrates into the deep layers of the skin, and in the process of microblading, the pigment gets only in the epidermis. Therefore, the first holds two to three times longer.
  3. The tattooing implies practically “solid fill” (although there is also partial method). And thanks to microblanding, you can draw separate hairs.
  4. The difference also is in the composition of the pigment: for the microblading master uses a mixture of dyes, water molecules and glycerol molecules. In tattooing, in addition to the paint itself, alcohol is used, and it damages the skin, “emulsifying” the pigment in it.

Benefits of the procedure

Manual micropigmentation of the eyebrows gives you what nature forgot to take care of. Microblading will make thin eyebrows thick, “add” missing areas, adjust the colour and shape, hide scars. The length, shape and bend of the drawn eyebrows will fully meet your dreams. In addition to the realistic result, micropigmentation has the following advantages over traditional tattooing:

  • the procedure is practically painless and does not leave oedema;
  • colour does not change later;
  • comfortable healing without scarring;
  • natural eyebrows up to 1.5-2 years old!

Result and correction

After splitting the crust, do not hurry to judge the outcome. The first impression (“the paint came out of the skin”) is deceptive. The pigment takes time to get used to. The effect and weigh the need for additional correction is judged in a month. It is carried out from 4 to 8 weeks after the session, again – at intervals of 2-3 months.

Correction is not a low qualification of the master and a mandatory stage of microblading. Unlike tattooing, when micropigmentation, a small amount of paint is injected under the skin, and some of it is lost in the process of healing. The norm is taken as the “balance” in 50-70% of the initial volume of hairs drawn. The correction allows you to achieve 95-100% of the result. In sporadic cases, the skin completely “deflects” the pigment, despite the skill and effort that the expert makes.

If you are thinking of worth it or not, remember that the first condition for successful micropigmentation is the competent choice of the master who will transform your appearance.

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