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Microcurrent therapy: improving condition of the skin without surgery

Microcurrent therapy – modern hardware procedure for skin rejuvenation. The effect is achieved by increasing the functional activity of facial muscles and improving the performance of all structural elements of the skin due to the impact on it with high-impulse electric current with low voltage. Current activates restoration of soft tissues and helps to increase the elasticity of dermis from the inside. Exposure of electric current activates a number of intracellular biochemical processes: accelerates metabolism and blood flow, increases tone and elasticity of blood vessels, optimizes the functioning of fibroblasts and initiates a process of creating young cell elements. Visually, we see a lifting effect, a reduction in wrinkles, an increase in skin turgor, its elasticity and colour enhancement.

Types of microcurrent therapy and to whom it is advised

Cosmetologists offer several types of procedure based on the needs of the client. The most popular are:

  • lymphatic drainage;
  • reprogramming of facial muscles;
  • microcurrent facelift and décolleté zone;
  • microionophoresis;
  • desincrustation.

Microcurrent therapy is indicated for:

  • age-related skin changes (wrinkles, folds, sagging);
  • loss of natural muscular frame and clearness of face oval;
  • dehydration of dermis;
  • dark circles under the eyes, a person’s prophylaxis;
  • hyperpigmentation;
  • dermatological diseases;
  • scars, striae or stretch marks, rashes;
  • aesthetic handicaps due to hypertrophy or vice versa atony of muscle fibres.

In addition, this procedure is effective as a rehabilitation due to trauma and plastic surgery for normalization of blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, as well as for complex recovery after aggressive cosmetic procedures (laser resurfacing, chemical peelings, etc.).

Features of the procedure


The initial course of microcurrent therapy consists of 10 procedures that must be performed three times a week. Each session lasts about an hour. The visual effect will be visible after the fourth procedure, it lasts about a year.

Cosmetologists recommend 4-5 times a year, after completion of the course, to repeat procedure to maintain the result. If you do not follow these recommendations, after a year you will have to take a course of 10 sessions again.

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