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“Milk tea” – a fashionable hair dyeing of the season

The tasty names of beauty trends have long become commonplace: earlier, peach and marshmallow blondes, ice cream, melting, and even salmon sushi, and now it’s time for a new, stylish “milk tea” colour. It is time to change the balayage to something more impressive.

A few words about technique

Hairstylists from Japan and Singapore came up with the “milk tea” hair dyeing. This technique is now very popular in Asian countries. Oriental professionals perform it in beige-cream shades, which are associated with delicious milk tea.

The essence of hair colouring is the mixing of warm and cold shades. Thus, the warm colour gradually turns to cold, and vice versa. In general, imagine a blond that is both honey and platinum at the same time. Therefore, if you want to change something in yourself, surprise others and look extraordinary, fashionable and stylish, boldly go to a stylist and ask to dye your hair in the colour of the freshest trend – “milk tea” #milkteahair.

And pay attention – milk tea on hair looks like a caramel shade with ash hues. It is especially good for natural blond or strong lightening.

Do not forget that after colouring your hair will need additional care with masks. When using a mask, do not create a “bath” effect on your head by wearing a shower cap or towel on your hair. The mask will bring much more of an effect when it comes into contact with oxygen.

To whom is the “milk tea” colour 

This kind of hair dyeing will suit girls with brown hair but who want blonde. This shade is good for balayage technique, shatush or last year’s popular “sunshine”.

“Milk tea” will slightly dilute your natural shade, and will turn out a good overflow. You can make a gradient or just add some light curls in the middle. This is a great option for those who want to freshen up their hair but are not ready for a dramatic change.

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