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Mineral cosmetics: benefits and composition

Mineral cosmetics is one of the main hits of recent times but still, it is unlikely to find even a couple of such beauty products at home. Therefore, GoBeauty Blog decided to correct this mistake and tell more about products with minerals in composition and their useful properties.

What is mineral beauty products?

There is no standard by which one remedy can be called a mineral and another cannot. Mineral cosmetics are different and can consist exclusively of minerals or most of them. It is different from most decorative products on the market and has advantages for people with sensitive skin.

The benefits of minerals in cosmetics

Here are just some of the properties of minerals:

  • soothe the skin;
  • restore the pH balance;
  • improve oxygen metabolism;
  • relieve inflammation;
  • strengthen the skin barrier.

Minerals are often found in face masks and foundations, but cream or serum based on these substances are not the most common products. The fact is that natural minerals are rocks with low bioavailability. It is technically difficult to incorporate it into the cream formula.

The most valuable minerals in cosmetics


It is responsible for the renewal of collagen fibres, maintaining the strength and elasticity of the skin, is an almost ubiquitous component in anti-ageing products. In hair care products, calcium preserves hair scales and resists hair loss.


It is a component for problem skin, which is a good antiseptic but also rejuvenates the skin and is included in the foundations as a protective element against ultraviolet light.


It performs the functions of supporting the process of restoring the skin and is responsible for the strength of the hair.


It is needed in the process of protein synthesis, it nourishes the skin, and its sufficient amount is an excellent prevention of wrinkles.

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