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Mission accomplishable: hair recovery after hot summer

There are only a few days left before the onset of autumn, which means that your hair is likely to be significantly damaged during the hot season and this is noticeable even with the naked eye.

In summer, the hair becomes dry, loses its shine, volume and vitality, which is why even the most fashionable dyeing can look unkempt.

We have selected effective products that can fill your hair with strength, radiance and health.

Care Basics, C:EHKO


photo credit: C:EHKO

The shampoo contains hops, known for its firming properties, as well as beer extract, responsible for the luxurious shine of the hair. The product performs well as part of rehabilitation care, is suitable for daily use and cleans curls as delicately as possible.

Aufbau Maske, BE KEEN ON HAIR


photo credit: BE KEEN ON HAIR

A mask with creatine, wheat proteins, panthenol and sesame oil restores the hair structure, compacting it from the roots to the tips, instantly giving even lifeless burned curls a well-groomed look.



photo credit: ING PROFESSIONAL

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A product with a pleasant creamy texture, cottonseed oil and vitamin E in the composition. The cream is literally embedded in the structure of the hair, smoothing, filling with strength and shine, that is, in fact, performs all the functions of oil, but without a hint of oily or loss of volume.

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