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Mistakes in makeup that add age, Photo 766

26 July 2022


Mistakes in makeup that add age

If in youth you can experiment with makeup, then the style of a mature woman is a perfect natural makeup, in which there should be nothing superfluous. The most important thing is to keep the skin in perfect condition. And to always look great, you need to make no mistakes as you get older. Which ones exactly? Read about it in our new article.

Mistake №1: incorrectly selected blush

Dark blush in brown tones will only add age. Of course, highlighted cheekbones make the proportions of the face thinner, pulling it out. Remember the Hollywood actresses of the “golden age”: almost everyone had bleached faces with well-drawn cheekbones, so even young girls seemed much older than their years. To refresh your face, look at the pink and peach shades of blush. They should be applied not in the dimple under the cheekbones, but on the most protruding part, and then well shaded.

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Mistake №2: eyeliner failure

Many people refuse eyeliner because it is not so easy to use. Yes, and black makes you look older. But eyeliner helps to visually enlarge the eyes, make them more expressive. To not look older, but clear, use eyeliner of brown, purple, bronze or olive shades and slightly shade the lines so as not to bother with perfectly straight eye wings. Another option is to use shadows instead of a liner. It is much easier to draw eye wings with a brush, and the result is very beautiful, more elegant and refined makeup.

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Mistake №3: too thick foundation

You do not need to apply more than three layers of foundation. You should be especially careful with products with a thick consistency, which will make your face look like a mask. Keep in mind that the cream after a while will start to clog the pores and emphasize wrinkles. Therefore, the thinner the layer, the less chance you have of getting spoiled makeup.

Take a look at tonal fluids, they are not as thick as regular creams and easier to distribute on the skin. They can be applied with your fingers, but it is better to buy a special brush or cosmetic sponge. Pay attention to the skin: it must first be cleansed and moisturized.

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Mistake №4: dark lipstick

Dark lipstick itself can look stylish, but in combination with bright eye makeup, it looks vulgar and ages the face. Focus on one thing – eyes or lips. And if you use dark lipstick, make sure that its contour is perfect. Dark lipsticks can clog small wrinkles around the lips.

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Mistake №5: thread eyebrows and charcoal eyebrows

The good news is that as we grow older, we probably don’t need to pluck eyebrows anymore. But this does not mean that you should forget about eyebrow correction at all. They need to be cared for, they need to be painted according to the shape of the face, filling the gaps between the hairs.

Do not make very thin or very graphic and dark eyebrows – this mistake in makeup ages the face. Make a natural eyebrow makeup according to the shape of the face. It will be the perfect solution.

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