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Neurocosmetics: “smart” care of the future

All nerve problems. And skin problems including. Scientists have proven the connection between a person’s psychological state and the health of the skin. It turns out that at the stage of embryonic development, the skin and nervous system are formed almost simultaneously with the ectoderm – the outer layer of cells. Hence the close connection between the nervous system and skin function. This thesis served as the foundation for the development of neurocosmetics.

A little anatomy

The skin is made of peripheral nerve receptors that transmit information to the brain. The simplest example of their work – you do not see but feel the dirt sticking to your fingers, or an insect crawling on your foot. As a result of stress (somatic diseases, lack of sleep, frequent intoxications), these nerve endings emit a whole fountain of active substances, neurotransmitters, which trigger an inflammatory reaction in the skin. In response to inflammation, there is repeated irritation, and so on indefinitely. It is for this reason that a person with sensitive skin constantly feels itching or burning.

So that the nerve endings do not emit any irritating substances, first, you need to remove sources of stress. And since they are usually hidden in ourselves, it is logical to seek the help of a psychologist. And, secondly, start using neurocosmetics.

What are these products?

Neurocosmetic ingredients are able to overcome the stratum corneum and affect specific structures of the nervous system. If earlier stress provoked a rash, or redness and was the reason for dull complexion, today’s skin also, by means of neurocosmetics, can send a return signal to a nervous system. Such beauty products hit directly on the target and can not only improve the condition of the skin but also relax and soothe.

How does it work?

The classic case is the use of muscle relaxant peptides, which penetrate into the deep layers of the skin, relieve facial muscle tension and create the so-called "Botox effect". Another striking example is the effect on pigment cells through the structures of the nervous system. Niacinamide and tranexamic acid are responsible for this task.

Very sensitive skin needs cosmetics that target the nerve endings and inhibit the activity of neurotransmitters that trigger inflammation. In addition to synthesized neuropeptides, this result is provided by polyphenols of white and green tea, lotus extract and horse chestnut. 

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