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Niacinamide – a fashionable and effective ingredient in cosmetics

With the increasing popularity of Japanese and Korean cosmetics, attention is frequently being drawn to niacinamide. It is a unique ingredient that promotes overall skin rejuvenation and effectively helps in the fight against acne. GoBeauty Blog figured out what its main advantages are.

Niacinamide (you can find another name on cosmetics labels and in the literature – nicotinamide) is a form of vitamin B3. It is very important for the health of the skin: its deficiency in the body causes dryness, itching, increased sensitivity to the sun. The set of these symptoms associated with B3 deficiency is called pellagric dermatitis.

The slowing down of vitamin B3 synthesis with age is one of the important causes of skin ageing. Vitamin B3 deficiency disrupts microcirculation, worsens the state of the capillary wall, reduces the activity of collagen and elastin synthesis. But there is also good news: niacinamide cosmetics can solve this problem.

This component is well-researched, so the high-profile promises of cosmetics manufacturers confirm the results of the research. Niacinamide smooths the surface of the skin, helps in healing wounds and prevents the formation of cancer cells. The data were obtained from tests in which participants used cosmetics with 2-5% niacinamide.

Application for mature skin

Niacinamide in cosmetics for age-old skin effectively smoothes wrinkles, evens the skin and increases its turgor. External application of niacinamide increases the number of ceramides in the skin, which helps to restore impaired barrier function and reduce moisture loss. 

People suffering from couperose or rosacea (the inevitable redness of the face) will also note the beneficial effects on their skin. The anti-inflammatory properties of the vitamin allow it to affect the reactivity of the skin, thereby significantly reducing inflammation. 

Application for young skin

As with age-old skin, niacinamide restores the hydro-balance of young acne-stricken skin, stimulating microcirculation and narrowing pores. A cream containing this healing vitamin at a concentration of not less than 5%, is able to even a few weeks to even out the skin tone and significantly reduce acne. It also cleans the red spots of skin after acne.

People with oily skin will also appreciate the benefits of niacinamide. The vitamin regulates sebum production, gradually normalizing it and matting the skin naturally.

Where to find niacinamide

Niacinamide is found in many cosmetics. It works well and is also not very expensive. The main thing to pay attention to is that the composition should be at least 2%, as this concentration has proven to be effective. If the percentage of the ingredient is not indicated on the jar, it is likely very low.

Niacinamide is a stable component, it does not break down in contact with air and light, like vitamin C. Therefore, you can safely choose any shape of the jar. But it is better to pay attention to those with the dispenser. So the cream will retain all the active ingredients longer.

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