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Not a grey hair colour only: how your hair is ageing

The potential for the beauty of hair is in every woman. To realize it, you need to know how hair is ageing and preventing the harmful effects of the environment. Such tactics will secure the process of restoring the beauty and uniqueness of the curls. What should be done to preserve the beauty of hair? Let’s talk about it today.

Signs of ageing hair: loss of thickness and volume

Although babies are born with practically no hair, they already have all the hair follicles they will need for life. In total, these follicles are from two to five million, and about thirty strands can emerge from each. Not all follicles are simultaneously active during life. Only some are in the growth phase. With age, there is less and less hair left; most of it is old and thin.

Signs of ageing hair

The ageing process is divided into internal and external, each having its reasons:

  • internal ageing is programmed at the genetic level;
  • the external shows itself through unhealthy human life and the detrimental effects of the environment.

Previously, scientists were convinced that the condition of the hair depends on the hormonal system. However, now the situation has changed. It has been established that the life span of one hair is between three and seven years. Thus, up to thirty hairs can grow from each follicle per life. Therefore, over time, the reserve is exhausted, and grey hair begins to show up.


Of course, a woman is worried because:

  • strands are thin;
  • fragility increases;
  • baldness appears.

If you feel that the curls are noticeably and sharply thinned, this is the reason to consult a trichologist. Losing up to one hundred hairs a day is considered a natural process of hair regeneration, in which case you can strengthen it at home.

Preventing hair ageing

Ageing is an irreversible process, but we can slow it down and reduce the negative externalities. It is necessary to minimize the impact of environmental factors to continue youth of your hair. For this, it is required to use the curling iron and the hairdryer less often. Besides, you should pay attention to your diet. For the regulation of work of sebaceous glands, it is necessary to eat:

  • avocado;
  • lean meat;
  • bananas;
  • oily fish;
  • lentils.

The most useful components and vitamins for hair:

  • omega-3 acids;
  • vitamins of group B, especially vitamin B5;
  • vitamin E.

There is no need to neglect special cosmetics to overcome ageing problems. First, you need to focus on moisturizing your hair. If it is oily and it is dandruff, it is necessary to wash the hair at the roots with a special shampoo, and use a moisturizing shampoo along the entire length of the hair.

Before washing the head, you can use silicone serums. They prevent the penetration of aggressive components in the hair structure. It would be best if you did not wash your head with very hot or cold water, but it is useful to take a contrast shower, use individual beauty products that improve the microcirculation of the scalp.

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