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Nutritionists do not advise: food that should not be eaten at night

It is difficult to fall asleep when you’re hungry. And here you open the refrigerator in search of food. Remember, some food does not promote good and healthy sleep. Which exactly? GoBeauty Blog will tell about this in a new article.

Heavy protein food

It is better to exclude red meat and other high protein foods from your evening diet. They are very long digested and can affect not only the figure but also the quality of sleep.


Everything is simple: the chocolate eaten overnight will quickly turn into fat. And even in dark chocolate, caffeine is contained in sufficient quantity, and it is a known enemy of good and healthy sleep.

Flour products

First of all, these are fast carbs that are best not eaten at night if you are keeping track of your weight. Secondly, the level of insulin in the blood quickly gets high.


When drunk at night, it can cause headaches, frequent awakenings at night, and bad dreams. Therefore, alcohol should be consumed no later than 4 hours before bedtime.


This beverage is recommended to drink only in the morning, otherwise, it causes sleep disturbance.

Some dairy and sour milk products

In the evening you should not eat cheese, especially with fruits. The glycemic index of the cheese is small, and the insulin – by contrast, is large. And the pancreas instantly responds to the intake of cheese into the body – releases a large amount of insulin into the blood.

Tomato sauce

Tomato dishes are not the best choice for dinner. Although it is rich in Vitamin C, iron and lycopene, it is nonetheless a product that increases the acidity in the stomach. Therefore, by eating tomato paste at bedtime, you run the risk of rolling over in bed from side to side, suffering from stomachache.

Sausage and meat products

Nutritionists have long come to the unanimous opinion that modern sausage products and semi-finished products are better to minimize in your diet or to eliminate at all. In addition to being very heavy, meat delicacies contain tyramine and other trace elements that have a stimulating effect on the nervous system.

Spicy food

Eating spicy at night is strongly discouraged. In addition to the fact that spicy food causes heartburn, which does not facilitate fast falling asleep, it also raises body temperature and excites the nervous system. So you do not have to count on a peaceful sleep.


Oatmeal or cereals – a great breakfast that can awaken and provide a lot of energy. However, in the same way, they work in the evening. If you eat cereals for dinner, you probably will not fall asleep in the near future. In addition, excess sugar will have an adverse effect on your body.

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After reading this article, you are probably wondering: what can you eat for dinner? Answer: dairy products (except cheese), eggs, poultry, white fish, non-sour fruits. Nutritionists advise having an evening meal 2-3 hours before bedtime so that the body has time to release the stomach from the burden and not to overeat.

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