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Only harmony: how to reduce anxiety without pills

Increased anxiety is the disease of our time: stress is everything today. Sometimes it is not as easy to deal with anxiety as we think. There are medications that work effectively to suppress the emotional state, but often the medication eliminates only the symptoms but does not relieve the cause of the disease. How to get rid of anxiety without pills? GoBeauty Blog has some thoughts on this.

Review your nutrition

Reject stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol. They are addictive, which provokes anxiety if you cannot get them and set your brain to work. This condition often causes anxiety and fear. Quitting smoking and reducing your caffeine intake will help you fight anxiety. Refined carbohydrates and sugar (such as candy, white bread, sweet cereal) should also be excluded from your diet. Like caffeine and nicotine, such carbohydrates are stimulants and increase anxiety. We also recommend that you give up alcohol because it is a strong depressant that also increases anxiety.


Normalize your physical activity and sleep

Exercise has long been shown to increase the level of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is responsible, in particular, for a good mood. In addition, the sport allows the use of muscle tension for its intended purpose – after active exercises, tense muscles return to normal, and blood circulation improves.

Proper rest is equally important. You need to sleep for at least 8 hours a day. With insufficient sleep, the level of anxiety increases. When it is difficult to fall asleep, drink soothing herbal teas with valerian root, chamomile and lavender or use aroma lamps.

Visit a psychotherapist

There are many psychological techniques that allow you to cope with stress and return to a normal life. The specialist will choose the right one, based on the patient’s condition and individual characteristics. It is not necessary to think that working with a psychologist or psychotherapist is the same as talking with friends. The specialist does not give advice or provide ready solutions – but it helps to find the root of the problem and change the attitude to the situation.

Look at the situation from different perspectives

This, in turn, will make your outlook on life and its individual aspects more objective and remove unnecessary anxiety.

The exercise is based on the fact that you view the situation from the point of view of several systems – it can be the solar system, the universe, the world, country, city, street, leaf on the earth – anything. Or you can look at your problem with the eyes of another person – girlfriends, neighbours, stars of the world scale, etc.

It is possible to take temporary systems: what significance will this event have in 5 years? In two years? Tomorrow? Right now? In general, it all depends on the specific situation, and logic is optional.


If anxiety borders on anger, it makes sense to give freedom to emotions. Come out to a deserted place or stay alone in the apartment and start yelling, kicking pillows, tearing up paper. Do what you want, the main thing is not to hurt yourself or involve others. After a while, you will run out of power and your emotions will recede. You will feel the devastation that will soon turn into peace.

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